BLACKPINK gets to Disney with a special appearance in AMPHIBIA

Have you seen the Disney Channel series 'AMPHIBIA'? Now you won't want to miss it as BLACKPINK had a cameo in this cartoon

BLACKPINK appeared on the Disney Channel, the K-Pop group had a special cameo in the animated series 'AMPHIBIA', did you get to watch it?

BLACKPINK has managed to conquer many fans and regardless of the place of origin, age, gender or any other characteristic, the great fandom of this girl group is responsible for showing all their love and support for the idols. It's great to see BLINK and be recognized in many parts of the world.

The popularity of BP and its members has led them to many more areas outside of music, and they are one of the most listened to groups worldwide. We can say that BLACKPINK has come out of K-Pop to become an element of general culture, it's hard to find someone who doesn't know what BLACKPINK is.

So we have seen BLACKPINK and its idols in other places, one of the most recurrent is the world of fashion, since the girls of this group are ambassadors of some of the most important brands in the field. BP has also reached video games with different collaborations.

And this time, BLACKPINK appeared in the world of cartoons, the idol group was part of the latest episode of 'AMPHIBIA', check out the idol group's special cameo here.

BLACKPINK has a special cameo in AMPHIBIA, this is how the girl group appeared on Disney Channel

BLACKPINK's song 'As If It's Your Last' was featured in the most recent episode of 'AMPHIBIA' an animated series on Disney Channel. This caused great emotion among the fans, listening to the idol group at Disney has been great. This cartoon tells us about the adventures of a young girl who traveled to a strange world with very strange creatures.

If you follow this animated series, surely you were surprised to hear the idols in this episode and if you don't, now you will want to watch AMPHIBIA thanks to BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK has been part of the soundtrack of many more movies and series

BLACKPINK's popularity has made many of their songs part of the soundtrack of many movies and series. We have heard some of his most recognized songs in productions such as 'Ru Paul's Drag Race', 'Anonymously Yours', 'Justice League' or 'The Bold Type'. So we can find the idol group in movies and TV as well.

We love finding BLACKPINK in our favorite series and movies, their songs always fill BLINK with joy and it's even better to hear them unexpectedly.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Rosé who celebrated her 10th anniversary in music with BLINK. 

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