Naomi Campbell loves BLACKPINK Naomi Campbell loves BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK conquered Naomi Campbell, is this model a BLINK?

It seems that Naomi Campbell is BLINK, this model showed her love for BLACKPINK on Instagram

BLACKPINK has millions of fans and it seems that BLINK has a lot of celebrities in its ranks, now the great model Naomi Campbell who showed her love for the girl group has joined.

BLACKPINK is one of the most relevant groups in the K-Pop industry. These idols have conquered millions of fans around the world who do not hesitate to show their love, support and admiration for the girl group. This is why the work of these artists is highly appreciated by the world.

BLINK is the great fandom that usually supports and shows all its love for BP and its members. They not only shine as a group, but also alone thanks to all the love from their fanbase. This fan club has a wide variety of people in its ranks, regardless of gender, age, nationality or occupation.

This is why we can even find other artists or celebrities confessing BLINKs, actors, actresses, singers, idols and others who have shown their fanaticism for BLACKPINK and it is something that makes fans happy, to see that the girl group is recognized by each more and more people and even entertainment stars.

This time a great model showed her love for BLACKPINK, Naomi Campbell is BLINK and this proves it, how did the model show that she is part of the group's fandom?

Is Naomi Campbell a BLINK? The model showed her love for BLACKPINK on Instagram

BLINK was surprised to see legendary model Naomi Campbell share BLACKPINK's Rolling Stone cover on her Instagram stories. She also tagged the girl group's official account and it was a great thing that fans are celebrating. So is this model part of the fandom?

Naomi Campbell shared her love for BLACKPINK on Instagram | Instagram: @naomi

This is how Naomi Campbell showed her love for BLACKPINK, she loved their cover on Rolling Stone, BLINK is super proud of the idols.

 Here we have Naomi Campbell's history as a fan of BLACKPINK

Surprisingly this is not the first time that Naomi Campbell shows her love as a fan of BLACKPINK, the model already has a history since 2017, when she liked a photo of Jennie and Lisa on IG, since then she has been liking some other photos of idols on instagram Thus she has shown her love for the girl group.

Naomi liked this Jennlisa photo | Twitter: @DrBlinkenstein

And a lot more of likes for the Pink girls.

Naomi likes BLACKPINK a lot | Twitter: @elenepanch

 Well now we know how much Naomi likes BLACKPINK, isn't that great? We love all these interactions between the model and the idol group.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Rosé who got a new follower on TikTok, who is it?

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