BLACKPINK will have its awaited comeback in August BLACKPINK will have its awaited comeback in August

BLACKPINK confirms their comeback in August and here's everything you need to know

Finally, YG Entertainment has announced BLACKPINK's long-awaited comeback in August

BLACKPINK finally confirmed their comeback for August, YG Entertainment has big plans for the girl group that will be revealed little by little.

It's been quite a while since BLACKPINK last comeback, BLINK has been patiently waiting to hear new music from these idols and finally have a new concept, MVs, performances, and more from the K-Pop group members together. Well, fans have enjoyed their individual work but obviously wanted to see them together.

Since the beginning of this year, fans have been waiting for news about a BLACKPINK comeback, in fact, there were many rumors. Although the release date was getting longer and longer, so the hopes of BLINK were gradually falling. But we knew that at any moment it would happen.

And it is that 2021 was a great year, first Rosé debuted as a soloist, then Jisoo began recording in 'Snowdrop' as the protagonist. And at the end of the year, Lisa debuted as a soloist and with her album she continues to break records and topping the charts. But of course we all want to see BP as a whole group once again.

And finally, BLACKPINK's comeback has been confirmed, the idols will have their long-awaited comeback with new music and will take the stage, we can't wait any longer for them to show everything they have once again.

YG Entertainment confirms BLACKPINK's comeback in August and there will be more surprises from the group

YG Entertainment has finally confirmed BLACKPINK's comeback, Yaay! It will happen in August 2022, the idols are already recording the last parts of the album and during this month of July they will start filming the MV. So it's totally real! BP returns to the stage in the next month.

BLACKPINK finally com,ing back in August | Twitter: @lalalili_2703

We cannot wait for BLACKPINK's comeback, we know it'll be amazing and full of great surprises for BLINK. They will conquer more fans with new music too!

BLACKPINK is also going to have a world tour after their comeback

YG Entertainment is also planning a world tour for BLACKPINK after their comeback, the girl group will be more in touch with international fans and it's a promise that next tour will be bigger than the ones the group have alrede had. We're looking forward it too!

 In order for BLACKPINK to expand their connection with global fans, they plan to set out for a world tour, which will be the largest in scale among all K-pop girl groups

BLACKPINK will have a world tour too | Twitter: @seireneity_

 BLACKPINK's comeback will be massive, OMG, we're really looking forward everything these idols have been doing, new music, new performances and new concerts for BLINK after the long wait.

Keep reading more abour BLACKPINK and its members, this is how their hiatus affected YG Entertainment since they're an important part in the agency.

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