New teaser for BLACKPINK's 'Ready For Love' MV New teaser for BLACKPINK's 'Ready For Love' MV

BLACKPINK and PUBG show what the Ready For Love MV will be like with their concept teaser

Soon we will have a new BLACKPINK MV in collaboration with PUBG Mobile and it will have an amazing concept, this teaser proves it

BLACKPINK has already conquered the virtual world of video games with their concert 'The Virtual' in PUBG, and in collaboration with it they will also make a new MV for 'Ready For Love'.

BLACKPINK is just a great group, we know that they haven't had a comeback in 2 years and that their hiatus is the longest in third generation girl groups. But they have not lost power because of this, BLINK continues to show all their love and support for these idols. In addition to the fact that the promise of a comeback is already here and it will arrive very soon.

Despite the lack of music, BP fans have had plenty of other contents to enjoy. Rosé and Lisa debuted as soloists during 2021, while Jisoo had her first leading role in a K-Drama. Right now, BLACKPINK is in a collaboration with a big video game brand.

PUBG has previously worked with BLACKPINK on different events and campaigns. This time, together they created 'The Virtual', a virtual concert in which BP even officially debuted a new song that fans previously only knew from its demo. 'Ready For Love' was featured on the setlist of this virtual event.

Now, PUBG Mobile and BLACKPINK will collaboratively release an official music video for 'Ready For Love', what concept will this new MV have? The new teaser they have released shows it to us.

Ready For Love MV will have spectacular stages and the new BLACKPINK and PUBG teaser proves it

BLACKPINK and PUBG Mobile have released a new teaser for the 'Ready For Love' MV, in which we are shown different virtual scenarios, they look beautiful and futuristic, modern, some kind of alternate reality in which all BLINK would like to live. We also see BP idols in these places shown in the concept teaser.

So there is still a lot of the virtual world that BLACKPINK will show us, we already want to see the 'Ready For Love' MV that will premiere on July 29, 2022.

BLINK has a theory about BLACKPINK's comeback from Ready For Love teaser 

We know that BLINK is very observant and this time he came up with a theory about BLACKPINK's comeback because of one of the scenes in the 'Ready For Love' concept teaser. This is the part where a motorcycle appears, fans took the numbers from his plate and believe that perhaps the comeback will be on August 22, 2022.

Will BLACKPINK comeback happen in August 22? | Twitter: @CRAZY4JISOO

We hope to check out this theory soon with an official BLACKPINK comeback preview, teaser or something please!

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members while you wait for their comeback, here we tell you more about Lisa and her MTV VMAs nomination. 

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