BLACKPINK in PUBG with Ready To Love BLACKPINK in PUBG with Ready To Love

BLACKPINK and PUBG are trending for the release of Ready For Love

At BLACKPINK's virtual concert, 'The Virtual' in PUBG an official version of 'Ready To Love' was released which will also have MV

BLACKPINK and PUBG have worked on a great campaign for BLINK and 'Ready To Love' was a great highlight in 'The Virtual' that put the group and the video game in trends.

BLACKPINK is an amazing K-Pop girl group with extremely dedicated and talented idols. The 4 girls who are members of this band have given their best for BLINK, who not only have music from these artists, but also a lot of content and even products for their collaborations with various brands.

In the gaming world, BP has made a lot of appearances and even Jisoo is well known to be a big fan of PUBG, a battle royale video game that everyone loves. BLACKPINK has worked especially for the mobile version of this game conquering their gamer fans.

This is why PUBG Mobile and BLACKPINK worked on 'The Virtual', a virtual concert in which the idols presented some of their greatest hits. But they also officially released the song 'Ready For Love', a track that used to be just a demo that BLINK really loved listening to.

In addition to Ready For Love already having a much more suitable version, this song will also have an MV and has set BLACKPINK and PUBG Mobile trending everywhere.

BLACKPINK and PUBG Mobile are trending for the official announcement of Ready For Love

It has been officially announced that the 'Ready For Love' MV will premiere next Friday, the BLACKPINK x PUBG Mobile collaboration will bring a new music video from the idols for this song that we could say is new as it is the official release and more suitable from the demo already previously known by the fans.

'Ready For Love' by BLACKPINK x PUBG Mobile | Twitter: @roseanneuipark

July 29, 2022 will be the release of 'Ready For Love' MV and BLINK is ready to take it as their own BLACKPINK comeback, support and goals are already being set for this new music video.

All platforms have BLACKPINK searches and trends because of Ready For Love 

Some BLINKs have commented that BLACKPINK became a search trend on the Chinese Weibo platform after the announcement of Ready For Love, it is known that also on Twitter the hashtags and mentions are on fire for this new MV. YouTube also already has quite a few searches and in fact there are unofficial audio and videos of 'The Virtual' on the said platform.

Most fans believe that in fact the MV will not be very different from BLACKPINK's performance of 'Ready To love' on 'The Virtual', in fact it will be the virtual selves of the idols who we would see in the music video.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK, here we tell you who of them writes the lyrics for their songs. 

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