BLACKPINK and Karol G would have had a great collaboration BLACKPINK and Karol G would have had a great collaboration

BLACKPINK and Karol G almost had a collaboration song that we will never hear

Can you imagine a collaboration between Karol G and BLACKPINK? Well, this almost happened and here's why we will never hear it

Karol G really wants to collaborate with BLACKPINK and the Latin singer remembered when a song between her and the girl group almost happened, but it never happened, how would their song have been?

BLACKPINK is the most relevant K-Pop girl group in the musical genre, the idols of this group have worked hard to conquer the hearts of millions of fans with their music. And also to many artists with whom this idol group has collaborated on different songs.

BLACKPINK idols have songs with artists like Dua Lupa and Lady Gaga, international artists with whom they have shared the language of music. And BLINK would love to have even more BP collaborations with many other artists, and there are singers who would definitely love to work with these idols.

Like Karol G, a famous and very relevant Latin singer who has conquered millions of people with her songs that always invite us to dance, identify many with their feelings and experiences and can even empower many women. Well, this artist would also like to work with BLACKPINK.

And indeed, a BLACKPINK and Karol G collaboration song almost happened according to the singer, but what stopped her from working with the K-Pop group?

Karol G almost collaborated with BLACKPINK on a remix of her song Tusa, what happened?

Karol G confessed that she wants to collaborate with BLACKPINK and recalled that this almost happened with her song 'Tusa'. The Latin singer thought to do a remix of this track and that she could only have the girl group in mind to do it, so she contacted the idols. But due to COVID-19, this collaboration could not be achieved. So the singer and her idols just couldn't work together.

Did you imagine 'Tusa' with BLACKPINK? The truth is that it would seem a bit strange combination, but surely we would end up loving it, would it be that the BP idols would sing in Spanish? Ouch! We may never know :(. 

BLACKPINK is the group with which more Spanish-speaking singers would like to collaborate

Besides Karol G, Rosalía has also expressed her desire to work with BLACKPINK or its members, so there are more Spanish-speaking singers who would love to have a collaboration with the talented idols of the K-Pop group.

We hope that one day we can hear these collaborations, if they ever happen and if BLACKPINK sings in Spanish with these singers who are so popular around the world.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Jisoo who might be giving some spoiler for BP's comeback and BLINK has an eye on her. 

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