Rosé celebrated her birthday Rosé celebrated her birthday

BLACKPINK: Rosé appreciates BLINK's support through a live stream

On February 11, BLACKPINK's Rosé celebrated her birthday and thanked her fans in this way.

A few days ago, Rosé from BLACKPINK had her birthday and both her colleagues, Lisa, Jennie and Rosé congratulated her and her loyal BLINK followers.

Rosé was very active on her social networks on her birthday, sharing the messages of congratulations that her friends had sent her for this special day.

Rosé turned 25 and celebrated it by doing a live through her Instagram account to thank BLINK for the support and love she has received from them throughout her musical career.


Rosé does a Live on her Instagram

Rosé decided to do a live on February 12 through her personal Instagram account. BLINK was surprised to see the notification on her cell phone that Rosé was broadcasting.

To start the live, Rosé mentioned that she was speaking softly since she just got off work and it was very early, it was 5 a.m. She also told her fans that maybe she should change her mirror because she usually takes a lot of pictures in front of it.

Twitter @loveybpink/ Rosé on her Instagram

The singer also told her fans that she had uploaded a series of covers to thank them for all the support and congratulations received on her birthday.

Although the Live only lasted a few minutes, it was enough for BLINK to thank Rosé for her presence and to see her in real time.

If you haven't listened to Rosé's covers, we leave you one of them in the link below.


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