BIGBANG's T.O.P post about 2NE1 caused controversy, this is the reason why

The member of BIGBANG, T.O.P posted  a story to celebrate the 2NE1 reunion. It caused a hot discussion in social media. What did he posted?

2NE1 performed together at the 2022 Coachella festival. The group caused euphoria in the crowd with the surprise. Almost immediately the videos and pictures were all over the internet. The fans were celebrating the event hoping it could happen again.

Not just the public was happy but the colleagues of the iconic girl group as well. The members of 2NE1 used to work under the label YG Entertainment, house of other big names in K-Pop like WINNER, iKON, BLACKPINK and of course the legendary BIGBANG.

T.O.P for Pretige / By @GDnTOPVIPanama

After the performance of 2NE1 the member of BIGBANG T.O.P posted something that is creating a lot of controversy. This is the full story.

T.O.P took social media to celebrate 2NE1

 T.O.P is no longer working under YG Entertainment, anyway, the former members of 2NE1 either. After the reunion of the girl group at Coachella the rapper posted a story in his personal Instagram account. It was a Tweet talking about the event.

The controversy began with the edition of that tweet. The original post included the name of BLACKPINK but in his story he blurred it. Apparently, the artist has been trying to avoid any relation with his ex-label including the junior girl group.

T.O.P post on Instagram / By @vip_until

The fans of BLACKPINK felt this was offending the members. The Instagram account of the rapper gained more than 10k replies in his latest post, most of them were hate comments. Tons of vomit, poop and snake emojis. Some people were more aggressive asking to harass him and even include his family in the attacks.

 BLINKS communities are bringing back some other suspicious incidents. For the release of BIGBANG song "Still Life" YG Entertainment revealed a reaction video including WINNER iKON and Treasure  but not BLACKPINK.

The opinion is divided inside BLINK, some fans are trying to calm the situation. T.O.P maybe just wanted to share a good moment of his close friends 2NE1. The Idol deleted the story but the discussion of the public was already in the Twitter trends.

Anyways, please, be kind with the people on the Internet. What do you think about it? BLINK, VIP, you used to be friends, what is going on?

Check more about 2NE1's performance in Coachella, it was amazing!

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