G-Dragon from BIGBANG G-Dragon from BIGBANG

BIGBANG's G-Dragon shows why he's a fashion icon at the Chanel Resort 2023

G-Dragon is back in the fashion world! He was a guest of the exclusive fashion show Chanel Resort 2023.

G-DRAGON is not just one of the most important figures in K-Pop, he is also a fashion reference for the world. During the rookie days of the legendary group BIGBANG the members started out thanks to their fierce music and, of course, to their unique fashion styles.

The leader of this group has been working mnin multiple collaborations with luxury fashion brands. Right now he is an ambassador of famous French house design Chanel.

Since these days the Idol hasn’t had too many public appearances his fans are taking the internet to celebrate. Do you want to see G-Dragon's outfit for the event?

G-Dragon at the Chanel Resort 2023 / By @GabySeyru

The fashion icon G-DRAGON is back for the Chanel Resort 2023 

The next Chanel collection was made public at the Chanel Resort 2023 on May 5. The exclusive event was held in Monte Carlo. The guest list included various celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Sofia Coppola, Carlota Casiraghi and the male ambassador G-Dragon.

G-Dragon wearing Chanel / By @JustVIP_OT5

The singer attended the event wearing a baby blue cardigan and a small balck bag from Chanel. He was using a daisy flower brooch as a reference to his own  fashion firm. When the fashion show was over the rapper attended the after party as well.

V.I.P is having opposite reactions.

The fandom of the group went crazy after seeing G-Dragon in a public event. His photos are all over the social media praising him because of his look and his good taste. He looked amazing in that outfit!

G-Dragon from BIGBANG / By @IMG183

However, the fanatics have shown their concern for the health of the Idol. Apparently the leader of BIGBANG has been losing weight and the public can notice the change thanks to the pictures

Do you think G-Dragon is becoming slimmer? Did you like his outfit?

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