'Still Life' music video 'Still Life' music video

BIGBANG takes for third week the Music Core trophy with 'Still Life'

BIGBANG took the music scene again with their single "Still Life". The legendary group is winning for the 9th time on music shows with this song.

In 2017 T.O.P was enlisted in the Korean mandatory service. Meanwhile the rest of the members of BIGBANG were performing without him. A few months later G-Dragon, Taeyang and Daesung went to the military service as well.

Since then the fans of this legendary group have been waiting for new music. The members faced some difficult moments due varios scandals. However, they are really important for the Korean music industry and the public waited for them.

Back in 2006 the concept and strong presence of BIGBANG wasn't that common for a boy group. YG Entertainment trusted in the talent of the members and today they are a big reference for the junior K-Pop groups.

BIGBANG was on a long hiatus that found its end this year. On April 4th the iconic group released the single "Still Life". One year later and it's still getting amazing marks.

BIGBANG promotional for 'Stil Life' / By @YG_GlobalVIP

BIGBANG wins their 9th trophy with "Still Life"

On May 7th the Korean music show "Music Core" was held. This time the nominees to win the trophy were (G)I-DLE with "Tomboy", "LOVE DIVE" by IVE and BIGBANG with "Still Life".

BIGBANG winning at Music Core / By @vip_labels

BIGBANG were the winners for the third consecutive week. At the same time, it is the ninth win of this song since its release including M Countdown and Inkigayo.

The music video for "Still Life" has already more than 58 millions of views on Youtube. As it was expected the song is still breaking records. Congratulations to BIGBANG!

V.I.P., Are you happy for the members?

Meanwhile G-Dragon is conquering the internet with his outfit for the Chanel fashion show. Read here everything about it.

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