BIGBANG is ready for comeback BIGBANG is ready for comeback

BIGBANG hypes fans for its next comeback with this teaser and release date

BIGBANG's comeback now has its release date, get ready for new songs from this legendary K-Pop group

BIGBANG is ready for its comeback, and the group has released its first teaser that tells us when their next album will be released.

BIGBANG is a K-Pop group that has become a legend. Its history dates back to 2006, when this YG Entertainment boy band debuted. Little by little, the artists of this group worked hard to completely conquer their fans and they did it internationally. This is how these idols became worldwide phenomena.

The members of BIGBANG inspired many other idols who saw them as a great example to follow thanks to their songs and performances that had conquered the world. Even though for years the group has been more focused on personal projects, BIGBANG artists still considered themselves as an active group, they had not split up.

It has been 16 years since BIGBANG debuted and they are undoubtedly a legendary group within K-Pop, thanks to their great popularity and impact on the musical genre. In addition to the work of its members that serves as an example for many artists both within music and outside of it. This is how BIGBANG inspires millions with their achievements and great effort.

Fans were looking forward to a new BIGBANG comeback, the last one was in 2018 and it's been a while since their members got together. But this 2022 will be the great year of BIGBANG's powerful comeback that already has a release date and its first poster that has not yet fully revealed its mystery.

BIGBANG reveals first comeback teaser showing its release date

G-Dragon, Taeyang and Daesong released the first teaser of BIGBANG's comeback through their social networks, the 3 members of the group uploaded a photo of the poster announcing their return to the stage. This contains the date 'April 5' and fans can not be more than excited to reveal the mystery behind this first poster.

BIGBANG's comeback teaser | Instagram: @xxxibgdrgn

It's a matter of a couple of weeks to know more about what BIGBANG will reveal with their comeback, do you have everything ready for the idol group's new songs? They will surely be a hit that will impact the K-Pop industry.

V.I.P is trending BIGBANG for its comeback

The hype of the BIGBANG fandom, V.I.P is noted on Twitter who is trending the hashtag #BIGBANGisBACK with all the anticipation for the K-Pop group's comeback, fans are beyond excited for this upcoming release after years of waiting .

#BIGBANGisBACK | Twitter: @gdragonx131

We can't wait for more details on BIGBANG's comeback, will the idols also venture out on a world tour? OMG, the expectation and the excitement grow more and more.

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