Still Life's first win for BIGBANG Still Life's first win for BIGBANG

BIGBANG achieves its first win with Still Life, this is how they took the victory

BIGBANG's comeback is a total success and now Still Life has its very first win

BIGBANG is succeding once again, with 'Still Life' they're taking over a lot of records and this new song has now its first win in a Korean music show, how was the victory taken?

BIGBANG is a legendary K-Pop group, it debuted in 2006 under YG Entertainment, 5 idols were reunite to shine together as an idol group and they were truly successful. Of course that fame and popularity didn't came overnight and the artists of this idol group worked so hard to achieve great goals.

V.I.P is the BIGBANG's fandom which has been there for a really long time, some fans were with the group since the very beginning and they celebrated a lot of things with the artists. They waited during their military service and showed all of their support during years and years.

So, fans were expecting for more of BIGBANG and the group give it to them, they had a great comeback with 'Still Life', a new song full of the idols' talent, it's a cool ballad with a lot of feelings which V.I.P is enjoying. And the fandom is working hard right now since the song achieved a lot of records on digital platforms.

But now, 'Still Life' achieved its first win too, it was a special moment for the fanbase and BIGBANG, this is how they took the victory.

BIGBANG and Still Life get their very first win in M! Countdown

For this week's episode of 'M! Countdown!' the music show from Mnet, IVE and BIGBANG were nominated to take the first place, even if BIGBANG didn't performed at the show, they took the victory because of the score of 'Still Life', with more dan 8k points, they won over IVE.

So, this is how BIGBANG took its first win with Still Life even if they didn't performed at the show, isn't their impact just amazing? Congrats BIGBANG!

What was BIGBANG's last win before Still Life?

It's been five years since BIGBANG's last win before Still Life, it was with the song 'Fxxk It' in 2017. They took some wins in Inkigayo, Music Bank and M! Countdown back then, so it was a good comeback. We hope that Still Life takes some other wins too!


Wer'e so happy for BIGBANG, this comeback is huge and they deserve more wins and all of VIP's support. It's been a good song for all the world.

Keep reading more about BIGBANG, here we have some solo songs from its members, choose your favorite one and add it to your playlist.

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