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Are you ready for TWICE comeback? Here's the schedule for 'BETWEEN 1&2'

TWICE has revealed the timetable for "BETWEEN 1&2". This is everything you need to know about the comeback.

TWICE will be back pretty soon! The K-Pop sensation is finally finishing the hiatus. Let's be honest these ladies are always working. Not that long they conclude the super successful "World Tour III" in the United States.

Also, just a few weeks ago, the talented members released the Japanese album "Celebrate". Of course, it got a great response from ONCE all over the world. The singers of "I Can't Stop Me' never fail!

TWICE for 'BETWEEN 1&2' / Twitter @TWICExONCES

After almost 10 months, the group is ready to drop a new full album. This anticipated comeback is almost here. You need to be ready for it. Here is all the information about the promotions for "BETWEEN 1&2".

TWICE drops timetable for 'BETWEEN 1&2'

On August 4th JYP Entertainment revealed all the details about TWICE's schedule for the upcoming comeback. In order to promote BETWEEN 1&2, there will be an opening trailer called "Eavesdropping On Talk" on August 8 and 9th.

The concept photos will be revealed from August 16th to 18th. On Koren midnight on August 18th, we'll see the album preview. The next day, there a snippet of the tracks "Queen of Hearts" and "Brave" will be released.

Timetable for 'BETWEEN 1&2' / Twitter @JYPETWICE

On August 22th TWICE will drop a sneak peek of the album. Finally, the teasers for the music video will be available on August 23 and 24th. The album and music video will be here on August 26th.

That's not all, the members are preparing a Comeback Live that will be broadcasted via MTV Fresh Out Live the same day. This new album will be insane! We can't wait to listen to the lead single "Talk that Talk".

Recently, Nayeon broke another record on Billboard, read more about it here.

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