BTS' Jungkook with brown highlights in his hair. BTS' Jungkook with brown highlights in his hair.

Are you compatible with Jungkook’s personality type?

Jungkook's Myers-Briggs personality type is ISFP-A. This type is called the "Adventurer". His type is the same as Michael Jackson's! No wonder he was called "Korea's Michael Jackson" even before he took the test. Each personality type has its unique quirks. Read below to find out if you will be compatible with Jungkook!

  • Jungkook's personality type reflects his true self very well.
  • According to the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, each personality type gets along with people with specific qualities.
  • The ISFP's natural partners are ESTJ and ESFJ, but anyone with good qualities can become close with him.

An easy-going and accepting person

Jungkook in a casual shirt standing under the sun.

According to 16Personailties, the ISFP-A is a "true artist". This means that Jungkook can easily master any creative activity. We have seen many times how multi-talented he is. Aside from being a phenomenal singer and dancer, he is also a great painter and photographer. Jungkook will be drawn to people who make him feel comfortable. Because his type tends to think out of the box, he will get along with people who don't judge him for being himself. Jungkook can be really shy, but he will relax around easy-going people.

A person with emotional intelligence.

Jungkook wearing a suit with long wavy hair.

The ISFP-A type is very sensitive and caring. This perfectly explains Jungkook. He is always in tune with the feelings of others and tries to make everyone around him feel good. He may not ever say it, but he will really appreciate those people who notice his achievements and compliment him.

A person who loves mysteries.

Jungkook taking a selfie in a car.

In romantic relationships, this type can be really spontaneous. Jungkook will constantly surprise his girl and always keep things fun. He will also care a lot about her feelings and listen to her a lot. He might not talk about himself that much so he needs a girl who will pay special attention to him as well. This personality type tends to be very mysterious. If you like figuring things out, you'll love being around him in the long term.


Jungkook with long hair winking at his fans.

The performer's Myers-Briggs personality type has changed to ISFP-A when he retook the test at age 23. He used to be an INFP when he was 20. It's no surprise that his type changed because he has been through so many experiences. Everyone grows during their early 20's. According to the test, the most compatible personality types with ISFP-A are ESTJ and ESFJ. These two types are the "Executive" and "Consul" respectively. The Executive is very assertive and logical, while the Consul is social and kind.

If you haven't taken the Myers-Briggs personality test yet, you should ASAP! They say a person's bedroom reflects their personality. Find out what Jungkook's room looks like in the video below.

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