Are SEVENTEEN and ENHYPEN recording together? This TikTok video sparked rumors

SEVENTEEN shares its adorable friendship with ENHYPEN. The fans are suspecting about a collab because os a new TikTok video

We all love to see our favorite celebrities interacting. Is even better when they become close friends. SEVENTEEN is one of the biggest K-Pop groups of the moment. At the same time, the members are social butterflies.

The singers of "Ready To Love" are well known for being easy-going. These gorgeous Idols get along with at least half of the industry. All the members have great personalities and they are kind to colleagues and staff.

SEVENTEEN for 'HOT' / Twitter @pledis_17jp

During the promotions of the album "Face The Sun", the group dropped many TikTok videos in the company of ENHYPEN. Apparently, these Idols are now close friends. This new video could be a hint of a collab between the groups. We are telling everything.

SEVENTEEN shares their cute friendship with ENHYPEN in a TikTok video

On June 23rd ENHYPEN TikTok account dropped a new video. The members Jungwon and Jay recorded a cool video dancing with SEVENTEEN's Mingyu and Seungkwan. The Idols recorded it outdoors in a beautiful place.

ENHYPEN's post on TikTok / Twitter @hourlyheeace

Both fandoms love every time these groups reveled more about their relationship. According to ENHYPEN, their seniors have been taking care of them since their debut. Since they work under HYBE they are constantly having a good time together.

Fans are asking for HYBE collaboration 

On June 22th ENHYPEN's Jake revealed another TikTok, He was dancing with TXT's Huening Kai. It seems like they were in the same place as SEVENTEEN's video.

Jake with Huening Kai on TikTok  / Twitter @hourlyheeace

The fans noticed that SEVENTEEN and ENHYPEN members were using microphones in the video. So, the groups were recording something, the fans are wondering if the groups are working on something together. 

We all would love to see them together on a show! Are you wishing for this collab to be real?

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