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Are NCT's Doyoung & Kwon Ah Reum dating? The actress denies the rumors

There are some dating rumors involving Kwon Ah Reum and Doyoung from NCT. The agency of the actress is clarifying the situation.

Dating still being a big issue for Korean celebrities. Most of them have to keep their romantic relationships as a secret because it could affect their professional careers.

Various Idols have been forced to even leave their K-Pop groups after revealing that they were in a relationship. Despite nowadays there are some celebrity couples that are not hiding anymore, it's still been a controversial topic.

A few days ago, the rumors that NCT's Doyoung was dating the actress Kwon Ah Reum were spread on social media. Both artists will be playing the lead roles in the upcoming K-Drama "To The X Who Doesn't Love Me".

Doyoung from NCT / By @NCTsmtown_127

The agency of the  actress is finally talking about these rumors.

SWMP clarifies the dating rumors of NCT's Doyoung and Kwon Ah Reum

The agency of Kwon Ah Reum, SWMP, has released a statement about the dating rumors between the actress and Doyoung from NCT. On May 9th the label clarified that all the information about it is false. It added:

It is difficult to condone any acts that harm the actress' character, such as dissemination or false information, defamation, malicious rumors and personal attacks.

Actress Kwon Ah Reum / By @globalmyeon

The label announced that they will take legal measures in order to protect the actress.  At the moment it is checking social media:

Currently, we are collecting data through continuous monitoring and there will be no leniency for malicious rumor writers.

Even though the artists are not a real couple, Are you looking forward to watching "To The X Who Doesn't Love Me"?

If you want to know how this rumor was created, we have all the information in this article.

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