Are Minhyuk and Wendy dating? Are Minhyuk and Wendy dating?

Are MONSTA X's Minhyuk and Red Velvet's Wendy dating? Rumors start to raise

A controversial Korean Youtuber is fueling rumors that MONSTA X's Minhyuk and Red Velvet's Wendey are dating, are they true?

For many K-Pop fans, the romantic partners of idols are a very complicated issue, since being in a relationship publicly has consequences for the artists. This is why dating rumors affect them so much, what's going on with MONSTA X's Minhyuk and Red Velvet's Wendy?

Minhyuk is one of the members of MONSTA X, a singer and dancer who also has an amazing personality, great charisma and many more hidden talents that this idol has presented to MONBEBE throughout the history of his group. This idol is characterized by being outgoing and friendly, something that has given him a place as a favorite MC on Korean television.

On the other hand, Wendy is one of the Red Velvet idols, an amazing singer and dancer who has not only shown her talents with her group, but also as a solo artist. Wendy has a brilliant charisma and is also very beautiful and loved by K-Pop fans.

And what do both idols have to do with each other? Well, both of them are talented and have great charisma, many fans and their groups have captivated millions with their songs. They are also seen as professional and although they have not had many interactions, there is a cordial relationship between both parties.

But there are people who are claiming that Minhyuk and Wendy are dating, OMG WHAT? A YouTuber who loves controversy started feeding rumors that these idols would be in a relationship, are they true?

Are the dating rumors of MONSTA X's Minhyuk and Red Velvet's Wendy true?

YouTuber Sojang took to some K-Netizens comments to talk about the dating rumors between MONSTA X's Minhyuk and Red Velvet's Wendy. Based on the way both idols interacted during MONSTA X's visit to Wendy's radio show, saying that Min was proclaiming his love for her on the show.

For the public and Sojang, Minhyuk would be acting too flirtatious with Wendy, in addition to the fact that when taking a photo he ran next to her to be by her side.

Are Minhyuk and Wendy dating? | Twitter: @notnetizenbuzz

Neither netizens nor Sojang have presented convincing proof that these rumors are true, it is just assumptions from both the YouTuber and K-Netizens who may have found the MONSTA X idol's attitude 'too friendly'. 

How did Minhyuk and Wendy dating rumors start?

These rumors are only based on comments from netizens who watched the episode of 'Young Street', a radio show hosted by Wendy, in which MONSTA X went to promote their latest Korean album 'No Limit'. Internet users decided to analyze Min's attitude and noticed that he would be flirting with the Red Velvet idol and confessing his love for her.

Months have passed since the broadcast of this program, since the MX album was released in November, but it is very likely that the rumors are not real and if there is any kind of commotion about them, the agencies of both idols will deny them.

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