Jay Park and Jungkook on Instagram Jay Park and Jungkook on Instagram

Are Jungkook and Jay Park friends? Their new photos surprised the entire Internet

Jungkook appeared on Jay Park's Instagram as both artists met in the studio and surprised fans with these photos

Jay Park is a big figure in the South Korean entertainment world, did you know that he actually has a good relationship with BTS idols? The pictures of him with Jungkook prove it.

BTS members have a lot of friends which are also artists, in K-Pop and in the whole music industry, this idol group has made the best relationships. Jungkook, for example, has a great friendship with the 97' line and he tends to hang out with other idols like SEVENTEEN's, Mingyu, DK and THE8, ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo or GOT7's Yugyeom and BamBam.

On the other hand, Jay Park is a rapper which debuted under JYP Entertainment in the group called 2AM, but there was a controversy which made him leave the group. He went back to Korea later and decided to found its own company and support rappers from Korea.

Jay Park is an iconic person but he's also full of controversies since sometimes he would post his opinions which bothered K-Pop fans. And this makes him a figure loved by a lot fans and hated by a lot of people too. That's why it was a surprise for ARMY to know that he might be friend with some Bangtan Sonyeondan members.

It was a surprise for audience to see Jay Park and Jungkook together in a selfie, the rapper shared it on his Instagram account and fans couldn't helped and filled it with likes.

Jungkook and Jay Park surprise together on Instagram, their photos impressed fans

It seems like Jay Park and Jungkook admire each other, through Instagram the rapper posted a couple of photos in which he's with the BTS maknae, they're on the studio and he wrote a caption about some things he admires from JK.

Even being at the top, he is still humble and has a mindset of wanting to keep getting better, he is such a great guy, he is also good at boxing. After I met JK I can definitely see why they get so much love. Humble, ambitious and talented

Jay Park and Jungkook | Instagram: @moresujuplease

Jungkook just reposted the photo with a flame emoji on his Instagram stories, but it was a cool interaction with this legendary artist in the K-Hip-Hop scene.

Jungkook reposted his selca with Jay Park | Instagram: @jungkook.97

Fans have mixed opinions about these photos of Jay Park and Jungkook

Well, in the past Jay Park said some comments that annoyed ARMY since those weren't too good about BTS, he'd say that he was sick of people who tought he was a member of the boy band and now he's posing with Jungkook in these pics, so it was weird for fans, some are even rejecting the fact that both artists are together in the photos.

Some other fans are happy since admire both, BTS and Jay Park. Some fans think that Jungkook went to visit Yugyeom to the studio and that's when he met Jay too.

Jay Park and Jungkook | Instagram: @moresojuplease

Well, we're happy to see Jungkook happy and also to see that he maybe changed the perspective of Jay Park about BTS, so it's something good for the idols.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Jimin who know how to use his cuteness with ARMY and maybe with non-ARMY too. 

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