Everything you need to know about Jisoo's love life!

Blackpink is currently one of the most loved K-pop groups in the world. They are a 4-piece girl band with outstanding stage presence, immense talent and striking visuals. With Jisoo's new K-drama on the way, everyone wants to hear about her love life. Whom do you think is her perfect ideal boyfriend? Find out more below!

  • Jisoo is set to make her actress debut in 2021. The name of  her K-drama is ‘Snowdrop’.
  • She is the youngest member of her family but the oldest in Blackpink.
  • Her favourite food to eat before every performance is spicy noodles.
  • The 25-years-old diva  loves the most to wear purple.
  • Her Instagram collaborations with luxury brands like Cartier has added to her net worth of $9 million.
Kim Jisoo in the make-up room

 Kim Jisoo from Blackpink is enjoying the spotlight this year. All eyes are on the worldwide group. Blackpink's debut album 'The Album' has been doing perfectly splendid on the charts. As far as Jisoo is concerned, the 25-year-old is making her actress debut soon.

Are you excited about her new K-drama as much as you are to know about her love life?

Jisoo after performing 'Lovesick Girls'

Your wait will soon be over as her K-drama 'Snowdrop'  will be airing soon in 2021. Jisoo's co-star is former 'Something In The Rain' actor, Jung Hae In. Fans are excited to witness their on-screen chemistry. This only raises the question, is Jisoo dating anyone currently?

Jisoo on the set of 'How You Like That' MV

The answer is a flat 'No'. K-pop agencies have strict rules as a part of their contracts. Artists are not allowed to smoke, get tattoos, date or go to clubs. YG Entertainment is known to be stricter than other labels. Male and female trainees are not even allowed to eat at the same time. Remind you of a strict teacher at high school, doesn't it?

Jisoo HYLT teaser

Jisoo revealed in an interview that when she auditioned, the CEO Yang-Hyun Suk taunted her about a ring on her finger. 'I didn't have a boyfriend, it was just a ring,' Jisoo clarified. It seems like Yang-Hyun Suk was not aware that girls can like jewellery for their own sake.  

Jisoo taking a mirror selfie

The singer further said that she has never been in a romantic relationship. Clearly, her career, which is at its peak right now is her priority. When asked about whom she would like to date, Jisoo named her celebrity crushes 'Kim Jong Kook' and 'Lee Kwang Soo'.

Do you think Jisoo will pursue a relationship in the near future? I do not think so. If you disagree, make sure to comment your reasoning below! 

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