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All the details about TXT next comeback

Next month Tomorrow x Together will be back with some anticipated new music. Here are all things you need to know to be ready.

TXT fanatics are really excited to hear about new projects of the band. Well, MOA, we have great news for you. Tomorrow x Together is finally doing a Comeback. The company itself, Big Hiit Entertainment is confirming us.

With successful hits like Anti-Romantic, Blue Hour or LO$ER=LO♥ER, there are high expectations. The public has been waiting a couple of months, but now, we are sure we will be enjoying the great music of the goup in May. Are you ready for it?

Big Hit' TXT / By @Flo_Soob0512

Tomorrow x Together will be back in May

After 9 months, since the last release of music, TXT will be revealing a new album pretty soon. According to media outlet reports, the band will be doing their Comeback in the first days of May.

Apparently the members are actually busy in the middle of the preparations for the upcoming album. Even though, the HYBE label-mates,  Seventeen is confirmed as well to have a Comeback in May, Big Hit sent a breve affirmation about TXT new projects:

It's true that Tomorrow x Together are preparing to release a Comeback album in early May

MOA, are you happy with the news? What kind of concept would you like to see the guys?

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