Winter from Aespa.

Aespa's performance on stage left an incredible surprise for fans!

New K-Pop girl group Aespa took to the stage to perform their debut single “Black Mamba” and fans were enchanted by their spell. In fact, some surprises emerged from this presentation. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ning Ning debuted globally with their single “Balck Mamba” on November 17, and the music video garnered a record 4 million YouTube views in the first 3 hours.
  • Since SM Entertainment announced the release of a new girl group in October following the launch of Red Velvet in 2014, K-Pop fans have been looking forward to this debut.
  • The concept of Aespa is revolutionary, it aims to combine virtual reality in the tangible world and that of course is a game-changer for the entire entertainment industry.

On November 19, just two days after Aespa's debut, SM Entertainment released a stage performance of the four girls.

To the surprise of the fans of the new group, the one who stood out on this occasion was Winter.

Winter and ae-Winter

In the music video “Black Mamba” we could see Karina in the center of the formation as the leader of the group.

However, this time, Korean Kim Min Jeong AKA Winter made everyone fall in love with her incredible movements and charming smile.

After 4 years as a trainee at SM's academy, the 19-year-old singer and rapper was the first member to be announced by the company founded by Lee Soo Man just one day after we found out that Aespa was coming into our lives on the 26th October.

Aespa virtual members.

Fans were amazed by Winter's moves and vocals and it's the most talked-about on Twitter these days.

Aespa is rocking it!

Aespa showed in these two days that it has been active that it pretends to be one of the most important K-Pop groups of the moment and apparently they are on the right track.

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