Aespa's new music video is out and we love it!

The girls from SM Entertainment did it again. On February 5th they released a new music video and achieved a new record of views as well as thousands of new followers. Scroll down to see the video of the song "Forever" and find out more.

  • aespa is a girl group managed by SM Entertainment that debuted on November 17th, 2020 with the song "Black Mamba".
  • In just one month and 21 days, Karina, Giselle, Ning Ning and Winter became the fastest rookie group to reach 100 million views of their debut music video "Black Mamba".
  • Just three months after being launched on the K-pop market, the girls have won 5 awards, including Rookie Of The Year at the SMA, held on January 31st, 2021.
aespa in "Forever".

Aespa's highly anticipated return is here.

Strangely SM chose for the girls a song that has been done before.

More precisely in the year 2000 for the album Winer Vacation in SM Town.

"Forever" was composed by 51 singer-songwriter Yoo Young Jin, who has worked for all of Lee Soo Man's company groups, including EXO and Red Velvet.

Black Mamba's techwear version.

This ballad has made the 4 new idols shine and has given them the opportunity not only to show that they have the best vocals of the genre but also that they are very versatile.

"Forever" got 1 million views within 3 hours!

Since their debut, Karina, Ning Ning, Giselle, and Winter have said on numerous occasions that they want to show different aspects of their personalities through their art, and with this radical sound change they are certainly already fulfilling their promise.

The truth is, the music video seems to have actually been conceived as a Christmas song.

Could it be that they had to delay its premiere?

Their previous single "Black Mamba" had a fast rhythm and a very catchy electro-pop sound. On this occasion, we have been able to enjoy more of the vocal talent of aespa.

"Forever" has a very uniform singing time distribution for the four members of the group, highlighting a little more the voice of Winter and the Chinese member of the band Ning Ning.

"Forever" singing time distribution

While the leader Karina continues to make everyone fall in love with her sweetness and charm.

On the other hand, we have finally been able to hear the soft voice of the main rapper of the girl group.

Giselle caught the attention this time by changing her look to black hair that certainly flatters her a lot.

Watch the "Forever" video below and tell us your opinion in the comments section.

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