Karina from Aespa.

Aespa wishes us a Merry Christmas in a very special video

The new K-pop idols released a very special video on December 22nd to wish fans a Merry Christmas. This is a two-part special that the sweet girls from Aespa decided to gift us these holidays. Scroll down to find out all the details and watch the fun video.

  • Aespa is a girl group that debuted on November 17th under the SM Entertainment label.
  • The music video for their debut single “Black Mamba” got a record number of views on YouTube, reaching 80 million in just 35 days.
  • Karina, Ning Ning, Winter, and Giselle have won the hearts of MY (fandom name of Aespa) for their enormous talent for singing and dancing and also for their charming personalities.
Aespa's Christmas picture.

We already saw it coming and finally, on December 22nd we could see the video that Aespa recorded for this Christmas.

Under the title Merry Merry Aespa we got to know the singers of “Black Mamba” a little better and witness an interaction between them never seen before. The video begins with a fun intro in the best sitcom style.

Then the girls pretended they were just waking up on Christmas day and agreed to play games and have fun.

The slogan was to speak only in Korean, a somewhat difficult task for the Japanese Giselle and the Chinese Ning Ning.

Giselle and Ning Ning's Christmas mood.

However, they are both very fluent in Korean, and in fact, we can't tell that they actually speak another language. The games they chose for this Christmas special showed how competitive the leader of the group is.

Not by chance Karina was chosen by Lee Soo Man's company to direct the girls.

Anyway, Winter won the first game which was the Fruit Bell Game, and also lost the second one which was Penguin Ice Breaker.
Giselle stood out for being a lousy player. LOL. We could see Ning Ning very funny and cute.

Winter about to eat a cake!

The four members of Aespa proved that they are very talented and charming by wishing us all a Merry Christmas.

In a few days, the second part of this special video for the holidays will be released. In the meantime, enjoy the first installment of Merry Merry Aespa below.



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