aespa members aespa members

Aespa will be taking the stage of 2022 Coachella

The girl group Aespa has been confirmed to perform at 2022 Coachella festival. The members will be attending for the second week of the event. 

SM Entertainment is an expert label for the creation of K-Pop groups. This is the house of legendary artists. Their newest girl group aespa didn't disappoint.

Since their debut in December 2020 the members gained a lot of popularity with the hit "Black Mamba". The music video for their debut got 100 million views in just 51 days.

The talent of the members, their strong stage presence and a particular concept (a mix of A.I. and metaverse) is giving them great achievements.

Aespa members / By @globalmyeon

Now, Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningnig are marking another big step in their career, they will perform in the famous Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Aespa is making their debut in Coachella stage

The confirmed lineup for Coachella the next saturday include the girl group Aespa. On April 23 the audience of the festival will be enjoying the hits of the aggrupation.

Aespa performing / By @AESPAPeru

SM Entertainment has revealed the members will perform "Black Mamba", Next Level",  "Savage" and a new song that will be released that day.

If you're not attending the festival, don't worry, it will be streamed live on Youtube. Are you excited for the Aespa performance?

Check here who would be your soulmate among the members of aespa.

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