Aespa at 2022 Coachella Aespa at 2022 Coachella

Aespa surprised fans at 2022 Coachella with a new song

Aespa performed for the first time in Coachella and the idols did it with an amazing show and they even premiered a new song

2022 Coachella was full of amazing artists and Aespa had a special appareance in the festival which surprised fans with a great show and a new song.

Aespa is an amazing girl group which has been making fans fall in love with them since its debut. SM Entertainment lauched this K-Pop group back in 2020 and the world was amazed by the four girls.

It's been almost 2 years since Aespa's debut, and the group keeps growing more and more, with fans who join to their its fandom. Aespa has followers all over the world and they want to see this girl group live.

And it was not a dream anymore for those who could attend 2022 Coachella, the girl group appeared in this festival for an amazing show which a lot of MY could watch live and enjoy of the grat performance of Aespa.

But Aespa also surprised fans with a new song, the idols premiered this track for their special performance at Coachella.

Aespa releases 'Life's too short' live, this new song was performed for the first time at 2022 Coachella

Aespa has some unreleased tracks and one of them is 'Life's Too Short', that's why the idol group took the chance and premiered this song live at their show in 2022 Coachella. Fans were truly amazed by the way they decided to perform this song never heard before.

This is how Aespa released this new song live, we loved 'Life's Too Short', according to the info, this song has a Korean version but the one performed at Coachella is the English version. 

2022 Coachella was more than special for Aespa and here's the reason why

Aespa's performance at 2022 Coachella was special since it was the first show ever they gave in the United States since their debut in 2020, MY from the US couldn't miss this show and that's why a lot of fans gathered there to see the idol group.

This is great! Fans are expecting for an Aespa's world tour, we hope that it won't take long for SM Entertainment to organize it and give us the best of this girl group.

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