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Aespa is releasing a new album, this is everything you need to know about it

Aespa is ready to go back on stage with new music. When the new album will be released?

SM Entertainment has debuted some of the most iconic K-Pop groups ever. There are tons of talented artists that started their journey in the industry after training for many years on this famous label.

We can talk for hours about some of the most important musicians in the company. However, let's focus on its newest girl group that is already conquering the world. Yes, we are talking about Aespa.

These talented ladies took the stage with their debut song "Black Mamba" in 2020. The interesting concept, the beauty of the members, and, of course, the great track got a lot of popularity for the rookie artists.

Aespa for 'Savage' / By @CataXaespa

The singers of "Savage" are ready to drop new music. This is all we know at the moment.

Aespa is announcing a new era

On June 1st (KST) social media got shocked by the changes on all the official accounts of Aespa on social media. A new futuristic logo of the group has been released. 

Aespa's new logo / By @aespa_official

At the same time, a clip with the logo was dropped. We can see a 3D design floating in the middle of a sci-fi environment. As you may know, the Aespa concept is related to the virtual world. This short video seems to be part of an insane video game.

When will be released the upcoming Aespa album?

At the end of the clip, we can see the title of the new project of the girl group. Aespa will be back with its second mini album "GIRLS". It will be released on July 8th.

This album could include the unreleased song "Life's too short". The group presented this track during its performance at the Coachella 2022 festival. It has a lovely message about the hate on social media.

The fans are already super excited for the comeback. Are you looking forward to it?

Do you want to know more about this unreleased track? Check this article about "Life's Too Short".

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