Paris Hilton and Aespa Paris Hilton and Aespa

Aespa and Paris Hilton drive the Internet crazy with their lovely interaction

Aespa is in Los Angles to promote their new music. The K-Pop sensation met Paris Hilton. This was their lovely interaction.

SM Entertainment has all the secrets to debuting the most relevant girl groups in the industry. The giant label is the house of legendary K-Pop artists. Its female Idols such as Girls' Generation and Red Velvet are a global success.

Of course, the youngest group of the agency is conquering the world as well. Despite having a short career, Aespa is having a big impact on the United States market. These beautiful ladies are making us dance with their addictive hits.

Aespa members / Twitter @aespa_official

The singers of "Savage" are getting ready to drop their second mini-album "Girls". Their promotions are starting in America. In that country, the four members are collecting tons of celebrities' hearts. Paris Hilton is joining their fandom.

Aespa drops a photo with Paris Hilton

On June 29th Aespa performed its first English single "Life's Too Short" on the Tv show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!". As usual, the group gave an awesome show, the members just know how to rock the stage.

Aespa performing 'Life's Too Short' / Twitter @JimmyKimmelLive

During the same episode, the famous influencer Paris Hilton attended the show. Then, they took the opportunity to hang out. On July 1st Aespa's official Twitter account dropped a picture of the Idols in the company of the heiress.

Aespa with Paris Hilton / Twitter @aespa_official

Meanwhile, Hilton expressed her happiness about meeting the singer of "Next Level" with a comment on Instagram:

Loved meeting you girls! Amazing performance tonight on the show.

The group is having a busy schedule in the United States. The Idols will be attending the United Nations forum on July 5th to talk about sustainable development. On July 8th they will perform at Good Morning America's summer concert.

Aespa is one of the most popular K-Pop rookie groups of the moment. The first half of 2022 was full of great debuts. Here are the most talented rookies of the year.

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