We love Hongjoong's new hairstyle We love Hongjoong's new hairstyle

ATEEZ's Hongjoong conquered the world with his new Cruella look, we love his style

Hongjoong from ATEEZ has a new hairstyle and we love how he looks, his new look reminds us of Cruella, don't you think he looks super handsome?

The members of ATEEZ are not only characterized by having incredible musical talents, their beauty also makes them stand out and this time Hongjoong's new look has conquered the hearts of the world, how does the idol look like with his Cruella style?

ATEEZ is an idol group full of talented artists, they have amazing singing skills, great abilities as rappers and when they perform we can't say who's the best dancer since all of them are excellent. There's a lot about these idols we can admire and appreciate.

Hongjoong is ATEEZ leader, someone so passionate and dedicated to music which won't limit his work only to stage or singing, he's also a great songwriter and producer for the idol group. He keeps in touch with all of the members and also takes care and worries about ATINY.

Kim Honjoong has more that we can admire about him, his personality is just amazing, so cool, funny and smart. But this artist is also very attractive, we can't stop looking at his visuals. He has a unique beauty which ATINY loves too. And when changes his style, it's just like every concept suits him well.

This time, Hongjoong reminds us of Cruella with his new hairstyle which everyones is loving, he conquered the world with his new look.

Hongjoong from ATEEZ looks incredible with his new hairstyle which reminds us of Cruella

Hongjoong surprised us with a new hairstyle which reminds us of Cruella, he decided to dye his hair half and half and maybe no one knew what to expect but he just chose the best colors, black and white go so well with him, everyone is loving it.

ATINY can't stop praising this new look and even Seonghwa said that it's one of his favorite Hongjoong's looks at the moment, OMG.

Hongjoong's new look | Twitter: @hjhopeworld

Even ATEEZ's hairstylist nicknamed Hongjoong as Hong-ruella, lol. He just looks so good with this new hair color.

Hong-ruella | Twitter: @zhouang

ATINY really wanted Hongjoong to try this Cruella look

Well, maybe ATINY didn't think about Cruella when the fandom posted an edit of Hongjoong with this hairstyle, but it worked and now fans could see their idol with this cool colors on his head. ATINY swears that manifesting does work.

ATINY wanted Hongjoong with this look | Twitter: @H0NGLOVER

Now we just have to enjoy Hongjoong's new hairstyle, we loved it so much, he's literally conquering the world with this new look.

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