ATEEZ has new dates for The Fellowship European leg ATEEZ has new dates for The Fellowship European leg

ATEEZ unveils new tour dates for The Fellowship, these are its new shows

ATEEZ announced the new dates for its postponed tour in Europe, and the group added more shows for ATINY

ATEEZ was forced to postpone its tour, but it will be back this year and the best thing is that there will be additional dates in Europe, ATINY will be able to see their favorite idols live very soon, so mark the following shows in your calendars.

In 2018, ATEEZ debuted and showed the talent of all its members within the K-Pop industry, little by little they have been attracting attention thanks to their excellent songs and great performances that have completely captivated the entire audience.

ATEEZ quickly built up a huge fandom, ATINY, who didn't hesitate to support them year after year. In 2021 we saw this group showing more of their members' skills on the show 'Kingdom', where they went up against many other high-quality and talented idol groups.

With each new comeback, ATEEZ continues to experiment and show new sides as a group, something ATINY loves. The boy band was ready for a big world tour, but this had to be postponed due to COVID-19 and fans were waiting for the new rescheduled dates to see the K-Pop group.

The wait is over, because Europe has everything ready to receive ATEEZ with their tour 'The Fellowship: Beginning of the end', the new dates that had been postponed are ready and the group even added some more.

ATEEZ reveals new dates for 'The Fellowship: Beginning of the end' Europe tour

The company MyMusicTaste, which is in charge of ATEEZ tour, announced the rescheduled dates for their European concerts, these will take place in April and May 2022. The idol group also added 3 more shows in Madrid, London and Berlin respectively. So ATINY will be able to enjoy the idol group live very soon.

ATEEZ new European tour dates | Twitter: @_mymusictaste

In the following days the sale will begin for the new announced dates, while the tickets already purchased for the tour will be valid for these rescheduled dates. ATINY will be able to see ATEEZ once again.

When was ATEEZ last concert?

ATEEZ resumed with live concerts in January 2022, the K-Pop group had their tour in South Korea and the United States, their last concert was in Los Angeles on January 30, 2022. So ATINY is more than ready to see them in another part of the world.

ATEEZ' last concert was in January 2022 | Twitter: @atiny_choisan3

Get ready for the next tour dates, ATINY will sold out all of the new dates just like the fandom did with the first ones, right? It'll be a successful tour for ATEEZ.

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