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ATEEZ is coming back, this is everything you need to know

The K-Pop group ATEEZ has revealed the date for their comeback. Their announcement is pretty unique, We are telling you everything.

ATEEZ's latest music release was in December 2021 with the album "ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUE". Back then the group gave us the singles "The Real (Heung Ver.) and "Turbulence".

Their fans went crazy when the band announced their world tour "THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END". They will perform in various cities of Europe.

ATEEZ concert promotional / By @JONGHO_DIARYY

Right now the members are in Spain for a concert in Madrid. In the sounranders of the Venue where ATEEZ will perform the fans noticed some particular posters. Do you want to know what this is about?

ATEEZ announces their comeback via mysterious posters

Almost at the same time the fans of ATEEZ from Korea and Spain reported some mysterious posters. On April 23 those posters appeared in Hongdae and Madrid streets.

ATEEZ comeback poster / By @agzwoo

We can see other version of ATEEZ "HALATEEZ" next to the message:

Wake up, wake up, world

Are you there? It's time

It has a QR code that leads you to a video teaser for their comeback. Here the date was revealed, ATEEZ is doing their comeback in July 2022.

The fans are celebrating the particular announcement because it fits perfectly the concept of the group. ATEEZ uses the concept of various univeses. In the HALATEEZ world the art and music are banned so they have to live underground.

Such a good promotional campaign!

Are you excited to see what ATEEZ has prepared? We are!

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