ASTRO's Moonbin for 1st Look ASTRO's Moonbin for 1st Look

ASTRO's Moonbin explains how working out helped him to be more confident

ASTRO's Mooonbin is well known for his firm muscles The Idol revealed that working out is helping his self-confidence.

ASTRO has a beautiful concept that involves stars and the night sky. No one is surprised to read these, the beauty of the members suits perfectly the concept of the group. All these Idols are gorgeous.

During their debut days, they had a 'flower boy' image. Since they were pretty young, this adorable style was perfect, that is how they initially conquered AROHA's heart. Nowadays, these talented artists and showing a more mature side.

Moonbin of ASTRO / Twitter @daebakbarcelona

Fans all over the world are loving the new facet of Moonbin. He is a muscular young man that always gives his best on the stage. The Idol is finally talking about his physical change. Here is all the information.

Moonbin opens about his self-confidence

Moonbin of ASTRO is the protagonist of the most recent 1st Look edition. This photo shoot is driving AROHA crazy. The good-looking singer is showing a sexy facet with minimalistic but effective outfits. Just jeans and a white shirt.

Moonbin for 1st Look / Twitter @blckwxlf

During the interview, the Idol was asked about his workout routine. He explained that even when he is really busy, he tries to look for some time to work out. As you may know, the ASTRO schedule is hectic, so he said:

Even if I'm tired, I have to move my body even i little bit in order to gain energy and refresh my body and mind.

The singer of "Candy Sugar Pop", added that he loves to see the changes in his body after working hard. Moonbien loves to exercise while sweating because he feels the improvement. He is building results thanks to that effort.

The confidence that I feel like I can do anything. Although, I think I might be putting too great of meaning into it.

Moonbin is a hardworking artist. He said he practices a lot to prepare himself for every comeback, including his appearance. AROHA, what do you think about it?

His teammate, Cha Eun Woo, melted the fans during his fan meeting. We have all the details for you.

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