Moonbin and Sanha should stop their activities since they both tested positive for COVID-19 Moonbin and Sanha should stop their activities since they both tested positive for COVID-19

ASTRO's Moonbin and Sanha stop their activites due to COVID-19

Moonbiin and Sanha from ASTRO tested positive for COVID-19, what will happen to Refuge? Both were ready for their comeback as a duo

Sanha and Moonbin had a lot of activities planned for their next comeback as a duo, but now AROHA will have to wait for 'Refuge' since both ASTRO members tested positive for COVID-19.

Even if there are sanitary measures, pandemic is still not over, and idols know this, a lot of them got vaccinated and keep taking care of themselves. But some of our favorite K-Pop artists have gotten sick and the fandoms are worrying.

K-Pop groups want to give the best for their fans and that's why they keep working, just like ASTRO, the members from this group released new music for AROHA. JinJin and Rocky worked together for the first time and released the mini album 'Restore'.

ASTRO prepared more for their fans, so Moonbin and Sanha were going to release 'Refuge', their second mini album as a duo which had a lot of activities planned for this comeback, both idols were ready to take the stages once more and show all of their talents to the world.

But it seems like we'll have to wait a little bit more for 'Refuge' since Moonbin and Sanha are sick, both tested positive for COVID-19.

Moonbin and Sanha test positive for COVID-19 and they have to stop their scheduled activities

Fantagio Entertainment released a statement about Moonbin and Sanha's health condition, both of them tested positive for COVID-19. And even if Sanha is asymptomatic, both ASTRO's members started with their recovery and quarantine. The K-Pop agency said that they are unable to participate in the schedules they planned.

But since it takes 7-10 days for recovery, it might be that their comeback remains the same since it's scheduled for March 16, they'll hopefully have a speedy recovery and they can resume their activities when they're healthy.

Moonbin and Sanha are recovering from COVID-19 | Twitter: @trisharohaa

It'll be sad for AROHA since both idols will be absent in their fan meeting which was planned for March 13, fans were expecting for the full band to appear in this event, but they are unable due to their sickness.

AROHA shows its love and support for Sanha and Moonbin while they recover

ASTRO fans show that they really love and support Moonbin and Sanha, AROHA took social media to send the best wishes for both idols, fans want the to get well soon and are sending good messages through Twitter, hoping for a speedy recovery.

AROHA shows its love for Moonbin and Sanha | Twitter: @NOISINGCHAI

Even if fans are truly worried they need to cheer their idols up and give them their best wishes since it's a difficult moment for ASTRO.

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