Moon Sua and Moon Bin will be together on stage Moon Sua and Moon Bin will be together on stage

ASTRO's Moon Bin and Billie's Moon Sua to share the stage on Music Bank special show

Music Bank will give us the sibling's stage that we were waiting for, Moon Bin from ASTRO and Moon Sua from Billlie will have a special performance

K-Pop's Moon siblings will have an amazing performance on Music Bank's upcoming special, so we'll see ASTRO's Moon Bin and Billlie's Moon Sua together on stage.

ASTRO is an amazing K-Pop group with extremely talented and dedicated idols, one of them being Moon Bin who has impressive musical skills. This artist has given his best since the debut of the boy band and has also worked as an actor on several occasions.

There is no doubt that Moonbin is a complete artist who we admire a lot and AROHA always shows all their love and support to him in every project. Whether with the idol group or solo, Bin's fans will always be there for him, giving him all their love for him to keep getting inspired.

But this artist is not the only talented member in his family, his younger sister Moon Sua is also an idol, she debuted in 2021 with the girl group Billlie and since then she has been demonstrating her great brilliance as an artist and the multiple skills she has. Both siblings are just great.

And now we will see the Moon siblings share the stage, because Music Bank has prepared a special program where they will have a great performance, when can we see these idols?

Moon Bin and Moon Sua will have a special stage at the upcoming Music Bank Show, so ASTRO and Billlie will join together

Music Bank will have a special program with all the best of K-Pop during this first half of the year. And in this show Moon Bin and Moon Sua will have a special performance, the brothers will share the stage for this great show that we will be able to see, it will be simply amazing, don't you think?

Moon Sua and Moon Bin will share stage in Music Bank | Twitter: @Astro_EW330

Moon Sua had said that she actually wanted to share the stage with her brother, so now her request will come true and we will see these talented siblings on stage together.

When to see Moon Bin and Moon Sua on Music Bank?

Music Bank's special show will be held on June 24, 2022 starting at 6 PM South Korea time. So on the other side of the world we will have to get up early to see this duo of siblings because it will be like 4 AM, 5 AM depending on where you are.

Music Bank Summer Workshop | Twitter: @oncetwicebrasil

Do you have everything ready for this event? In this show we will also see other artists such as TWICE's Nayeon, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, among more stars who have shone with their comebacks in the first half of 2022.

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