MJ will start with his military service soon MJ will start with his military service soon

ASTRO's MJ to enlist in the army, when will he return from military service?

MJ has already announced that he will soon begin his military service, when will the ASTRO member finish his obligations?

Like every South Korean citizen, ASTRO's MJ will have to complete his mandatory military service very soon, when does he start and when will he finish it?

Military service is something that K-Pop fans are very concerned about, since it is a stage where idols must get away from the public eye and fulfill their obligations as citizens of South Korea. They temporarily say goodbye to their fans and bandmates for this period in the military. So it's usually a sad fact.

According to a new law in Korea, men who were born in 1994 would have to enlist for military service later this year, in December, so many fans were already psyching themselves up to see many of their favorite K-Pop artists depart. In the stage of military service it is important for fans to support idols and not be so sad about their departure, it is also difficult for them.

MJ is the oldest member of ASTRO, he was born in 1994 so he will start his mandatory military service very soon. He decided to announce this fact at the end of his idol group's most recent fanmeeting. With sadness, he communicated to his fans that he would have to leave temporarily to fulfill his obligations to his nation.

But when will MJ go into the military and when will he return? Here we have all the information about how long it will take for the ASTRO idol to get back together with his groupmates and fans.

ASTRO's MJ will start his military service in May 2022, when will he finish it?

On May 9, 2022, ASTRO's MJ will enlist in the army to start his military service, let's remember that he must first go through a series of exams and training to finally determine what field he will have to be in the military. He can be in the navy, the army or as a public/social servant and the times of each are different. The minimum time of military service is 1 year and 6 months, the maximum time is 1 year and 9 months. This means that MJ would return from approximately January to March 2024.

MJ would return from military service in 2024 | Twitter: @mj_ArRoha

So we only wish the best for MJ in this new stage, AROHA will support him and wait while the ASTRO idol is fulfilling his obligations as a South Korean citizen.

When will the other members of ASTRO have to leave for military service?

Although there is still no exact date in which the other members of ASTRO have to leave to fulfill their military service, we can have the approximate year in which they will have to enlist in the military, here we have the list.

ASTRO's members enlistment years | Twitter: @roraki_

 There is still time to continue enjoying ASTRO and MJ will only be leaving temporarily, so AROHA will be waiting for him with open arms when he finishes his duties.

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