ASTRO's MJ is having some issues with the mandatory service, his agency talks about it

MJ from ASTRO just got enlisted in the mandatory military service. His agency has released a statement warning those who are disturbing his training.

Recently ASTRO won its first music show with the song "Candy Sugar Pop". This addictive melody has been promoted for the group with just five members.

Just a few days before the comeback with the album "Drive To Te Starry Night" the oldest member,  MJ got enlisted in the mandatory service. On May 9 the Idol started his training process in the Korean military.

MJ from ASTRO / By @MJ_fanbase

Eventually, he will join the military band, just after finishing the basic training period. The singer could be back in the scenarios until January or March 2024.

Apparently, some people are trying to disturb MJ with some prank calls to the military base. We are telling you everything.

Fantagio releases statement about MJ's military service

On May 31st, ASTRO's agency dropped a statement to ask the pranksters to stop disturbing MJ on the military base. The label thanked the fans who are supporting the Idol but warned those who are causing him problems. It explained:

Recently, more and more people have been trying to make prank calls to MJ's military base. Unnecessary prank calls greatly interferes with MJ's training.

ASTRO's MJ for Singles Korea / By @MJ_fanbase

The agency warned that this type of prank could be subject to punishment, especially if those calls were made to a military base. Fantagio also asked for help to give MJ a peaceful time during his enlistment.

For MJ's peaceful military service, please refrain from making unnecessary prank calls, and please note that legal action may be taken if prank calls continue after this announcement.

Meanwhile, AROHA is showing its concern for this issue. Just like the agency, the fanatics are asking for those calls to stop. What do you think about it?

ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo is the protagonist of the upcoming K-Drama "Island". Read this article to know more about it.

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