ASTRO for 'U&Iverse' ASTRO for 'U&Iverse'

ASTRO travels to an ethereal universe in new teaser for 'U&Iverse', its comeback single

ASTRO is coming back! The group is revealing the concept for "'U&Iverse'". We rea telling you everything about the new teaser.

Just a few months ago, ASTRO released the awesome album "Drive to the Starry Road". The successful project has nothing but quality songs. Of course, one of the best songs is the title single "Candy Sugar Pop".

As you may know, the singers of "ONE" are well known for their dreamy concepts. The good-looking members have tried different music styles. However, their singles have some fairy tale vibes. All the music videos are gorgeous.

ASTRO members / Twitter @fantagiomusic_

AROHA, are you wondering what will be the next concept? We have good news for you, the teaser for "U&Iverse" is finally here. This is everything you need to know about the anticipated comeback.

ASTRO is coming back with 'U&Iverse'

On July 20th the new teaser for the U&Iverse music video was revealed. The clip starts with a wonderful machine that controls the universe. The members are traveling around inside sphere ships.

Eventually, all of them arrive in a colorful world. The super handsome Idols are watching the beautiful moon while holding umbrellas. The production is awesome, it looks like a sci-fi movie. Every single detail is perfect.

On the other hand, we can listen to just a little bit bit of the music. It is a soft but magic beat that works pretty well with the mystical video. We can't wait to watch it! It will be a gorgeous single for sure.

AROHA has high expectations for this track. The photography is beautiful, the members look even like webtoon characters. The single will be here on July 21st. We just have to wait a little bit more.

Meanwhile, check these songs recommended by Mingyu of SEVENTEEN. He has great music taste.

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