ASTRO in the lineup for We All Are One ASTRO in the lineup for We All Are One

ASTRO is part of the line-up for the We All Are One K-Pop concert in Indonesia

Soon ASTRO will return to Indonesia as part of the We All Are One concert

ASTRO will continue to meet AROHA from different countries and will soon see their Indonesian fans at the We All Are One concert.

ASTRO is an excellent K-Pop group made up of extremely talented members. They are good at music, this boy band has great singers, expert dancers and agile rappers. All of them combine their talents in the best way to shine together as one group.

Due to the pandemic and like any K-Pop group, ASTRO also had to distance themselves from their fans. AROHA couldn't see them for a long time, but finally in this 2022 the fandom and the group have been able to meet on different occasions. First was ASTRO's fanmeeting in Korea.

A few days ago, ASTRO traveled to London where he was also able to spend time with AROHA both in a hi-touch and in a concert where we could see 4 of the 6 members of the boy band. Since MJ is currently absent due to his military service and Cha Eun Woo has some individual activities.

And soon, AROHA will reunite with ASTRO for a new concert, this time in Indonesia as the idol group is part of the line-up for We All Are One, a K-Pop concert for a good cause.

ASTRO will be at the K-Pop We All Are One concert in Indonesia, when will it be?

K-Pop festival We All Are One has been announcing a few artists for its line-up for this year. The concert will take place in Indonesia and one of the groups already confirmed is ASTRO. So the idol group will meet AROHA in another country once again.

ASTRO in the line up of We All Are One | Twitter: @redangelkorea

This concert will be held on November 11, 2022, it will be two years after ASTRO's last visit to Indonesia, so AROHA is waiting for you with great happiness.

 What other groups will perform at We All Are One?

So far there are two other groups confirmed for We Are All One, NMIXX and CIX are part of this festival as well. So we will have a lot of K-Pop in Indonesia during the next month of November. We can't wait for this great concert anymore.

Other artists in We All Are One | Twitter: @redangelkorea

Surely, we will soon have more announcements of other groups that will be in this K-Pop festival, it will be great, it will simply have great talents that we can enjoy.

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