ASTRO has a new mood maker ASTRO has a new mood maker

ASTRO has a member who always excites them all just by his presence

Which ASTRO member excites his fellow group members all the time? They revealed it

Every K-Pop group needs its mood maker and in ASTRO they have a member who excites others as soon as he appears, his presence is essential for all of the idols.

ASTRO is an excellent K-Pop group that has extremely talented and dedicated artists among its ranks. Since before 2016, the year they debuted, these idols have been together and living a lot of adventures that have gradually brought them closer.

That is why we can see that ASTRO is no longer just a simple K-Pop group, the members have formed a great family full of love and support among each groupmate. It's just great to see that the chemistry of these artists is not only onstage, but also offstage.

Although each ASTRO idol has a different personality, origin and others, since they are characteristics that make them unique, the truth is that they have all combined very well. As well as complementing their talents on stage, so do their personalities.

And there is a member of ASTRO who always excites his fellow members just with his presence, who is he? The idols of the group themselves revealed it.

Rocky always excites ASTRO just by his presence, as revealed by Jin Jin

During ASTRO's School Newsletter, the group was asked about 3 things that excited them. Without thinking Jin Jin said that Rocky, OMG, said that just by his presence, he always excites all the members. Rocky's personality is bright and puts everyone else in a good mood.

wow! Rocky is super cute, AROHA loves that since a while ago, he has become more confident and shows more of his cute personality. His fellow ASTRO members seem to appreciate it as well.

Rocky competes with MJ for the position of mood maker at ASTRO

It is well known to many fans that MJ also always has a great attitude and became a mood maker for ASTRO. But also now it is Rocky and even for a while now it has been Jin Jin, LOL. So we have a lot of mood makers at ASTRO who make AROHA's life happier.


We love the dynamic of ASTRO, and for now that MJ had to go to the Military Service, Rocky will definitely be the official mood maker of the idol group, don't you think?

Keep reading more about ASTRO, here we tell you more about their reunion with AROHA after a really long time, they could be together once again.

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