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ASTRO gets into the Billboard Hot Trending Songs with 'Candy Sugar Pop'

ASTRO's comeback is a whole success. Its new song "Candy Sugar Pop" is now on the Hot Trending Songs chart.  

ASTRO is back with its album "Drive To The Starry Road". Just a few after the enlistment of MJ, the rest of the group started the promotions with the single title "Candy Sugar Pop" on May 16.

This is an anticipated project. Last year, the members were focused on solo or sub-units release. AROHA has been waiting patiently to see the group together on stage. Now that the singers of "ONE" are back, the fans are showing their gratitude.

ASTRO for 'Candy Sugagr Pop' / By @_KimKispR_C

Just a few days ago, the group got its 4th trophy on music shows with its new single. The music video for "Candy Sugar Pop" has already more than 35 million views on Youtube. It makes sense, the members look very good and the music is great.

This song is addictive is inviting you to dance with the group. Now it is giving another awesome achievement to ASTRO. Here's all the information.

ASTRO debuts on the Hot Trending Song chart with "Candy Sugar Pop"

On June 1st Billboard revealed the top 10 of its chart Hot Trending Songs. This week ASTRO reached No. 10 with its song "Candy Sugar Pop".

Hot Trending Songs chart / By @billboardcharts

This chart ranked the most popular song on Twitter. As you can see in the previous it is mostly dominated by BTS. For the fourth week, Jimin and Ha Sung Woon's collab "With You" is still topping the chart.

Meanwhile, BTS has also another two songs including the unreleased song "Proof". Jin, Jungkook and V are in the top 10 with solo tracks as well. 

Congratulations to ASTRO and BTS!

AROHA are you happy about the achievement?

ASTRO's MJ is having some problems in the military service. Read this article to know more about it.

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