ASTRO at Hallyu Pop Fest 2022 ASTRO at Hallyu Pop Fest 2022

ASTRO and AROHA finally got together at the Hallyu Pop Fest in London

ASTRO is in London and the idol group was finally able to share time with their fans at Hallyu Pop Fest

ASTRO traveled to London for the purpose of meeting their fans and they were finally able to get closer to AROHA.

ASTRO is a great K-Pop band that has gained great popularity over time. They debuted in 2016 and have since shone on stage in every comeback and performance. Their members are extremely talented and have been gaining many fans.

Now, ASTRO is popular all over the world, there are AROHAs in various countries, fans who show their love and support for the idol group. Although due to the pandemic, the boy group had to part ways with their fans for some time. They also fell ill and were kept in quarantine. But it all inspired them to create more music.

Although in this 2022, ASTRO has had the opportunity to meet again with AROHA, this year they had their fanmeeting in Korea. Also in their most recent comeback they were able to share more with their fans. And right now, ASTRO will take over the world to see their international fans.

This is why ASTRO traveled to London to perform at a big festival and thus was able to meet with their fans who were able to see the idols very closely.

ASTRO came to Hallyu Pop Fest in London and thus met AROHA

London was the meeting point for ASTRO and AROHA, the idol group performs at Hallyu Pop Fest 2022 in that city in the United Kingdom. In addition to walking down the red carpet, ASTRO also had a kind of Hi-Touch with their fans who were able to greet them and give them short messages.

We're happy to see ASTRO reuniting with AROHA now, and more when it's internationally, the idol group and the fandom are happy to be together too!

Why ASTRO went to London just as OT4?

As you know, ASTRO has 6 members, but there were only 4 members of them traveling to London for Hallyu Pop Fest, it's becausa MJ is now fulfilling his military service, so he's temporary not in the group. While Cha Eun Woo has some schedules to fulfill as an actor, so he couldn't be with his groupmates. But AROHA has them in their hearts.

AROHA takes MJ and Eunwoo to Hallyu Pop Fest anyways | Twitter: @yeol_ethereal

 We're missing MJ and Eunwoo too, but we know that ASTRO are always 6 members and we have them all in our hearts just like AROHA.

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