Jungkook received a rose from ARMY Jungkook received a rose from ARMY

ARMY wanted to give Jungkook a rose and this is what happened

Jungkook will do anything to please ARMY and he showed it in Permission To Dance On Stage and this fan who wanted to give him a flower

ARMY always prepares the best for BTS and its members. And there was no exception form Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul it was no exception, a fan brought a rose for Jungkook, how did he manage to give it to the idol?

The relationship between BTS and ARMY is just great, as they have formed an unbreakable team that will do everything possible to achieve the dreams and goals of both the boy band and the fandom. It has been years in which the idol group has been by their fans and they have had the best experiences.

But some of the best moments between Bangtan Sonyeondan and their fans happen during concerts. Despite the long wait that both had to go through to meet again, it was all worth it now that the face-to-face shows have resumed and ARMY can have the Bangtan idols live again.

This is how the Permission To Dance On Stage concerts of the Bangtan Boys have become a celebration for the artists and ARMY. These meetings in large venues with the best songs of the idol group are full of emotions and feelings that are released after so much waiting time.

And because ARMY and BTS can finally meet once again, the fandom brings the best gifts for idols at these events. This is what happened when a fan wanted to give Jungkook a rose, did the maknae receive the gift from her?

Jungkook did the impossible to receive the rose that ARMY brought him to his concert

During the second night of Permission To Dance On Stage ARMY wanted to give Jungkook a rose, but she couldn't reach him, so he came over and asked him to throw it in his direction, that's how he was able to catch it and came up with the flower to stage. Later we could see the maknae happy with the gift that his fan gave him.

 He was happily holding this gift from his fan:

Jungkook and his rose | Twitter: @Lavende03

Jungkook showed all his love for ARMY in PTD On Stage

There is nothing that Jungkook loves more than concerts, he has confessed it and in these PTD On Stage events, he showed how much he loves his fans. In addition to singing and dancing with all his might, the idol also sent them kisses and smiles, happy to be able to face his fans once again. 

We hope that all the ARMYs of the world can have the fortune to have Jungkook in front of them, give him a gift or receive a kiss from the idol, even if it is from afar.

But Jungkook not only had romantic moments with ARMY, but also with Taehyung and this is one that the fandom will never forget. 

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