ARMY made a promise to Namjoon ARMY made a promise to Namjoon

ARMY made a big promise to RM at BTS' last concert in Las Vegas

Namjoon made ARMY promise something that the BTS fandom will faithfully fulfill

BTS and ARMY relationship and teamwork is just amazing, we love to see how much they love each other and now, the fandom promised Namjoon something, what is it about?

BTS has a very big fandom, the idol group has fans in every corner of the world. There's no place where no one knows about Bangtan and its members. That's why the boy band has now achieved a great success, thanks to all the support from its fanbase.

ARMY has been working hard for Bangtan Sonyeondan, we know how much the fandom loves and supports the idol group, there's no doubt of this. The fanbase and the idol group shine together and that's what matters. There are fans who have been beside the group for so long.

We know that there are ARMYs who have been supporting Bangtan Boys since their debut, and a lot more of fans who joined later, but showe a great love for these idols. We also know that BTS is truly thankful for their fans and they share the best moments with their followers.

And one of the best places or events where BTS can share time with ARMY are concerts, and in the last Bangtan's show in Las Vegas the fans promised something to RM.

The promise that ARMY made to RM has great meaning for BTS

During BTS' last show in Las Vegas, Namjoon wanted ARMY to promise something, and you know it wasn't just a meaningless promise since it was a pinky finger promise, here's what the Bangtan's leader said to his fans on the concert and watching them online.

Please promise us you're going to stay with us until the very end, OK? Give us your tiny little finger, alright?


We are sure that ARMY will fullfill this promise faithfully, the fans are going to stay with BTS until the very end, we don't know when will the end come, but there are a lot more of adventures to live with these idols.

ARMY trends 'We Promise You Namjoon' on Twitter to keep their promise with BTS

Twitter is full of messages with the phrase 'We Promise You Namjoon' and fans promising to be by BTS' side forever, until the end as RM said, so, if you're an ARMY too, keep sending the idol group your messages with this great promise.

We promise Namjoon | Twitter: @KimNamjooningB

So, ARMY better keeps the promise and stays forever with BTS, until the end. Once you're an ARMY, there's nothing going to stop you.

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