ARMY made Taehyung upset with this banner ARMY made Taehyung upset with this banner

ARMY made a banner that made Taehyung and other fans upset

At BTS concerts we usually see all kinds of banners dedicated to idols, but what did this one contain that bothered V?

ARMY uses their great creativity to bring the funniest banners to BTS concerts, but what happens when perhaps fans annoy idols through these banners? This is what happened with Taehyung.

BTS has millions of fans around the world who are always trying to show their love and support for the idol group. These artists have dedicated themselves to creating the best songs and performances to present themselves to their audience and delight them with their music, choreography, shows and others that they always prepare.

ARMY and Bangtan Sonyeondan's relationship usually looks very good, the fandom always tries to protect their favorite idols at all times. This great fan club has also done good deeds on behalf of the idol group and its members, showing the great example they always set for their fans as human beings.

But many times fans can also become toxic, and it's something we see a lot in the world of K-Pop. Bangtan Boys have many times been harassed by overly intense fans who take their love to the obsessive side, follow them everywhere, and have even leaked personal information of the artists, something that goes beyond the limits.

And also, sometimes fans might do things that are really annoying for BTS idols. And it's not because they don't have patience, but because it seems that sometimes there might be fans who instead of being in favor of them, are against them. Like this that happened to Taehyung at one of the PTD On Stage concerts and an ARMY banner.

ARMY's 'no smoking' sign that annoyed V at the BTS concert

During one of BTS' concerts in Las Vegas, V revealed that he had worn an outfit like Johnny Depp's in the movie 'Cry Baby'. This character is characterized by being a typical bad boy who smokes and is a heartbreaker, because Taehyung was very involved in his character and with a popsicle stick he pretended to be smoking. He seemed to be enjoying himself but there was something bothering him.

A fan was carrying white sheets and drew a 'no smoking' sign on them, she quickly showed it to the idol who felt bad to see it and decided to angrily throw away the popsicle stick that was his imaginary cigarette.

ARMY's no smoking sing | TikTok: @glkth

What do you think about this fan's behavior? It's a shame that idols can't be amused by this, even though it was a joke, the truth is that it didn't cause laughter for other fans or for V.

Taehyung was involved in a controversy over some photos where he seemed to be smoking

Perhaps this banner also bothered Taehyung because just a week ago, some false photos of him smoking came to light and damaged his image, ARMY who knows the idol declared that he is allergic to some components of cigarettes and that is why he does not I could smoke, but there were fans who believed in those fake photos anyway.

Fake photos of Taehyung smoking | Twitter: @januaryvibe

All this has made both ARMY and V feel bad and maybe it's not something that more fans should make fun of or make jokes about, let's always remember to respect our idols.

Kwwp reading more about BTS and its members, like Suga who doesn't wanna go to jail, why would ARMY sue him? 

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