7 surprising fan opinions on each BTS member

7 surprising fan opinions on each BTS member

It's an ARMY's dream: Seeing their favorite K-Pop group live at a concert. While it might be slightly different from actually MEETING them in person, fans were caught off-guard just by how good-looking they were when seeing them at concerts. Keep reading below to see what fans have to say about each BTS member.

  • All BTS members are said to always being respectful and kind to the staff, whether they be low or high-ranked
  • The last concert with a live audience held by BTS before the COVID-19 outbreak was in summer 2019
  • Jimin revealed how painful it was to be performing at an empty stadium with a lot of cameras instead of fans

BTS's last concert with a live audience was two years ago. Let that sink in for a moment. ARMY's all over the world are waiting for the pandemic to end so that they can finally see their idols in person again. While BTS unfortunately had to cancel their 'Map of the Soul' world tour for this year last month due to the impact of COVID-19, there will be many more opportunities to meet BTS in the future!

Those lucky enough to have seen BTS in concert reveal what it was like:

RM (Kim Namjoon)

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Many fans have commented on the leader's tall and muscular build, along with extremely long legs. His charming dimples and super-model walk may make him seem intimidating at times, but his cute smile and cheeky personality convinced them otherwise. He apparently also has a very glowing stage presence. RM also seemed very calm and peaceful to a fan and appears to feel at home on stage.

He's got a beautiful, bright smile, and very loving eyes. When he's on stage, you can tell he feels peaceful, like he's at home.  He just has a very peaceful presence about him.

Jin (Kim Seokjin)

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"Mr. Worlwide Handsome", as he jokingly calls himself apparently really is extremely handsome as fans recall, saying that pictures don't do him justice. His shoulders are very broad and his laugh is adorable. He's also one of the tallest members in BTS.

Jin's shoulders are broader than you think, and they are glorious to look at. He's tall and has a beautiful build. His personality shines more in person: it's a lovely mix of quiet peace and fun energy. Very humble and a bit shy at times.

Suga (Min Yoongi)

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Most fans agree that Suga appears a lot warmer than what you're used to seeing during his interviews. Even though he may seem cool and intimidating, he's actually just introverted and rather keeps to himself. He's also said to have an extremely approachable and friendly visual. Fans say that he's actually taller than what the rumors say about him. Even though he's still one of the shorter members, he makes up for it with an aura of confidence and energetic performances on stage.

Yoongi is so handsome. Really enjoys performing. He keeps to himself at times, and it looks like he tends to focus inwards a lot. I would assume that's his introversion at work. I personally think it makes him more interesting and complex! When he sees the other guys having fun, it's like his silly switch goes off and he just lights up. Eyes sparkling, grin blooming, and he becomes a ball of energy.

 J-Hope (Jung Hoseok)

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If there's one thing the fans agree on, it's that J-Hope looks way more handsome in person than how he appears in videos. He's very confident in what he's doing and usually has the stadium wrapped around his little finger during live performances.

From the moment he stepped on stage to the moment he left the stage, i could not keep my eyes off him. he has incredible stage presence. Hobi's presence DEMANDS you look. He's tall and slim, skin very clear and slightly golden. His smile just makes it happy, and he's very playful. truly a sight to see.

Jimin (Park Jimin)

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That Jimin is a beautiful dancer is well-known. But he also has an aura of professionalism and may seem intimidating to some fans because of that. A fan described that she was shocked by how intimidating his face looked that it almost seemed condescending. He doesn't shy away from looking fans directly into the eyes, either. 

Jimin is just ethereal in person. He's beautiful like an angel. For the most part he's always smiling, and when he's not, it's usually because he's concerned for the others. I noticed he would glance around at the other members as if he was checking to make sure they were okay.

V (Kim Taehyung)

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One thing the fans praise the most about V is his multi-faceted personality on stage. One song he will keep things serious, the next he's goofing around with the other members. You never know what you'll get next with Taeyhung and that's what fans love about him. One fan noted that he looks like a character pulled out of a manga, that's how beautiful he is.

One song you'll get sexy Taehyung, then the next you'll get serious Taehyung, and then fun Taehyung shows up later on. Each song brings out a different side of him and seems to allow him to show off his different traits. On another note, he absolutely, 100% LOVES the fans. You can feel it by how he looks and interacts with them.

Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook)

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Jungkook isn't one of the most loved members for nothing. He's often described as really cute with nice body proportions. He's also one of the tallest BTS members. One fan commented that he seemed a bit shy at times, but I have seen live videos from fans where he kept coming back to the same section and sang for them while looking at them directly. He's also completely in his element on stage and performs with a fire inside of him that makes fans go crazy.

Jungkook is lovely to behold. Beautiful smile, beautiful form, and beautiful personality. He's got a quiet, mature disposition about him, but he's a raging inferno of energy once something fun comes his way. VERY respectful of his hyungs.

While many ARMY's have never seen BTS live at a concert (including myself), we're all charmed by their beauty - inside and out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for those that are still waiting to go to one of their concerts. Let's hope the current situation will make room for that soon. Until then, stay healthy!

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