Red Velvet performing 'Russian Roulette' live. Red Velvet performing 'Russian Roulette' live.

7 reasons why people love Red Velvet

Did you know Times magazine named Red Velvet as one of the best K-pop groups in the world? And Billboard once called it the ‘Best Idol Group Alive?’ I bet that you didn’t! The girls of Red Velvet are amongst the most talented and respected artists in the K-pop industry. Besides that, they’re sweet and humble towards their fans. Scroll down to find out why they stand out the most amongst K-pop girl groups!

  • Red velvet’s Joy earns a top spot in iTunes global chart with her solo album ‘Hello' which was released earlier this year.
  • They are one of the only few artists in South Korea to perform in North Korea, where it's very hard for non-North Korean artists to perform.
  • Red velvet has won 52 awards including the Mnet Asian Music Award and the Seoul Music Award!

1) Boy, can these girls sing

Red Velvet performing live onstage.

In most K-pop groups, a few members sing well, and there’s a big difference between their singing skills. However, all the girls from Red Velvet can become the main vocals of a K-pop girl group. Don’t believe me? Listen to them sing ‘psycho’ live and absolutely nail their parts. 


See Wendy hitting that high note perfectly live? Seulgi’s vibrato? Irene’s stability? Yeri’s soft voice? Joy’s clear and angelic voice? Yep, that’s just one of the reasons why we love Red Velvet so much.

2) Their harmonies are to die for

The girls performing 'Peek-a-boo' live.

It’s one thing having a beautiful voice and another being able to combine it with others, so it all comes together beautifully. Our faves seem to do it effortlessly, especially in the following video.

Notice how the others noticed the key Irene was singing at and adjusted their scale accordingly to harmonize. It sounds heavenly.

3) Their concepts are unique.

One striking feature about Red Velvet’s concepts is how they alternate between ‘Red’ (vivid and upbeat) and ‘Velvet’ (mature and toned-down). Their fans are super lucky to see their favorite idols portray different themes and concepts and show off their versatility. Red velvet is the equivalent of that one meme ‘Get you a girl who can do both’ except they can do much more than that.

4) They’re so goofy and funny

Irene on 'Level up Project.'

While these girls are seriously talented, they are also absolute goofballs at times. Here’s a snippet of the girls working behind the scenes while filming the music video of 'Russian Roulette. 

5) Their music videos are everything

Joy in the music video of 'Zimzalabim.'

I chose to describe their music videos as ‘everything’ because they are wacky, fun, colorful, visually stunning, creepy, brilliant, I could go on forever. Look at their music video of ‘Zimzalabim.’ It’s so cute and wacky. 

6) They have some of the best bridges

Red Velvet for the photoshoot of 'Psycho.'

You never stop listening to Red Velvet songs, and you can’t skip a specific part or listen to half of the song. Wanna know why? It’s the bridges in their songs. Every time I hear a memorable bridge, I know it’s from a Red Velvet song. To experience the unlimited ride, their bridges are, here’s a couple of Red Velvet songs with unforgettable bridges compiled in a helpful video below. Happiness, psycho, cookie jar, and red flavor are amongst my favorites!

7) They're all stunning- look at them!

From Left to right: Joy, Yeri, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy.



Are you absolutely whipped for Red Velvet as we are? What do you love about them? Let us know in the comments!

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