7 K-pop idols and K-drama actors who fall in love easily

7 K-pop idols and K-drama actors who fall in love easily

Love, at first sight, is a reality for many k-pop idols including Jennie from Black pink. They have confessed that they can fall for people of the opposite gender immediately after seeing them. A warm personality or a charming smile is all that it takes. Do you believe in love at first sight too? Scroll down to find out which of your favorite other idols do!  

  • In the K-pop industry, companies do not allow idols to date.
  • Unfortunately, if found out, some K-idols have to leave their partners for the sake of their careers but exceptions exist.
  • Some Idols preferred their love life over their career including the female idol Twice Momo and the male K-singer SUPER JUNIOR Heechul.

1. IU:

IU holding a rose

The famous solo K-pop idol, IU, who is considered to be a beauty queen once revealed that it is very easy for her to fall for someone.

IU on stage

While talking about her love life in an entertainment interview, she said,

If someone says they like me, I already like them with 80% of my heart.

Not only this, in a radio show, she called this habit of her 'a little dangerous',

It's a little dangerous that I am like this.

Seems like IU becomes completely bold and daring when she is in love. Well, why wouldn't she?

Jennie from Blackpink:

Jennie in red

The global K-pop star, Jennie Kim, confessed that she has a weak heart which starts racing as soon as she sees someone good-looking.

While playing games in JTBC's show 'Knowing Bros',  Jennie said that she would not pair up with the host, Min Kyung Hoon. When she was asked the reason, she replied,

Because I fall in love easily.

Jennie looking absolutely gorgeous

Basically, Min Kyung Hoon is one of the most handsome idols. Jennie did not want to be close with him so that she doesn't start liking him. Well, Jennie really tries hard to keep her heart in place, but who can say no when she is one who is confessing?

3. Kang Minkyung from Davichi:

Kang Minkyung holding a rose

The famous South Korean singer and actress, Kang Minkyung admits that it is highly likely for her to get romantic feelings for someone from the opposite gender. In 2019, at MBC's 'Radio Star', she admitted,

I am the type to fall in love easily. Even upon facing people, I can spot if I can catch feelings for them or not.

Kang Minkyung in white

However, the band member, Lee Haeri said that she is the opposite of it. Even if it's true or not, who can simply resist such elegant beauty?

4. Jeon So-Min:

 Jeon So-Min waving at the fans

The charming South Korean Actress Jeon So-Min who is one of the hosts of the Korean reality show 'Running Man' also confessed that she can develop feelings for people with warm personalities easily.

She has been seen to blush whenever someone with a great personality and amazing looks is around her. While talking on a radio show, she revealed,

I often get attracted to others while filming 'Running Man'.

Jeon So-Min in white

Her precious smile and pretty eyes say it all! So who can overlook such charming beauty?

5. Minho from Shinee:

Minho looking handsome in tiger print

Among the pretty female idols, one of the famous male idols, Minho also made it to the list. He is not originally the type to catch feelings easily, but seems like things have changed now.

Back in 2016, the Korean rapper and actor worked in SBS' top hit drama 'Hwarang: Poet Warrior of Youth'. He played the role of a playboy who just roams around and flirts with girls.

Minho in suit

After the drama got aired, Shinee's rapper appeared at KBS2's 'Entertainment Weekly' show. While talking about his character in the drama, he confessed,

I was not originally the type to fall in love quickly, but I think I changed after taking on the role of Soo Ho (his character name in the drama).

We loved seeing a different side of him in the drama, and it's interesting that he has become more like his character!

6. Baek Ah Yeon:

Baek Ah Yeon waving at the fans

The K-pop singer and songwriter, Baek Ah Yeon talked about her ideal type at 'Cultwo Show'. She mentioned,  

If someone were to do something nice for her, even if it was something small, she will immediately develop feelings for them.

 Baek Ah Yeon posing for the camera

However, the feeling doesn't last for long.

She ends up liking them a lot at the start but quickly loses feelings!

So, one really has to put an effort if they want to conquer the heart of this doll-like beauty!

7. Kian84:

 Kim Hee-Min at a conference

Kim Hee-Min, known by his pen name, Kian84, is a South Korean webtoon artist. He confessed that he is the hopeless romantic type of guy.

At an interview, he told the fans that he liked a part-timer at a convenience store and brought her coffee. He also confessed that he had dinner with Uhm Hyun Kyung, but he doesn't think she likes her back!

Kian's graphic art

It's adorable that he is super-expressive about his feelings and doesn't shy away while talking about them!

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below and check out the idols talking about their love life!

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