5 ways K-pop band BTS is redefining masculinity in the US!

BTS' growing popularity worldwide has set new trends in the United States. The  American population was previously used to pop artists with tatted masculine figures. On the contrary, BTS has brought a different definition of masculinity to the western world. The Bangtan Boys promote gender fluidity through their colorful outfits and striking makeup. Don't you think their unique accessories and candy colored hair has added a breath of fresh air to the pop industry? Read below to find out how the boys are smashing stereotypes all over the world!

  • BTS is a Korean boy band of 7 members including RM, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.
  • They have over 30 million followers on Twitter which has contributed to their colossal net worth of $100 million.
  • Their hit song 'Dynamite' ruled the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 consecutive weeks.
Do you want to know what sets BTS apart from all the American artists? Here’s our take on the matter. The male artists in the US music industry have an arm full of tattoos, studs in the ears, and are without any makeup. To be honest, we were kind of getting bored by this basic bad boy vibe.
On the other hand, BTS gives a flower boy, soft, and pure vibe that sets them apart from the US artists. Many members are spotted wearing dangling earrings and rings. V is popularly known for his Chanel earrings, and his exquisite collection of rings.
He flashed his amazing accessories collection in the Singularity performances.
BTS' airport outfits always make headlines. Fans often comment that J-Hope and Jin are unaware of the dress-code. While all the members would be wearing dark monochrome outfits, J-Hope and Jin often stand out in their colorful attire.
J-Hope is more commonly known for wearing fun colors and prints, while Jin likes to wear purple and pink. We need to admit that these colors are forever missing from US Male artists' color palette.
Jin and J-Hope not coordinating with others


Their makeup artists make sure that they are shining on the screens as they go through the city. They make sure that their makeup coordinates with their performances.

The makeup artist once gave Jimin crystal gems under his eyes in serendipity performance, which made him look like an angel! Can you ever imagine a US artist pulling off that look so effortlessly? Boy, that's a long shot.

K-pop idols are known for their vivid colored hair. While most US male artists have dark or blonde hair, K-pop artists love to experiment with a wide range of colors. RM dyed his hair a minty blue for Dynamite that gained a lot of attention.
Their fan base, called the ' Army’, followed him and dyed their hair blue. We love how the boys are helping fans find their own unique identity.
BTS members are often sporting gender-neutral clothing in their daily lives and on stage. Jungkook and V are often seen in stylish tops and puffy sleeves. We hope that US male artists feel inspired by their looks and break the fashion monotony in the industry.
It takes great self-confidence to pull off these looks, and we applaud BTS for bringing about this change in the American mindset. What's your view about BTS bringing a positive change in how Americans view masculinity?
Watch their Dynamite music video below!

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