Bts suga wearing a suit Bts suga wearing a suit

5 times Suga from BTS proved he is the perfect husband

If there’s anyone who will make the best husband in BTS, it is Suga! A BTS fan on Weverse called him “Number 1 husband material” because of his skills. Why is Suga  the husband every girl wants? Watch the pictures below to find out! 

  • Min Yoongi, aka Suga, is the best rapper in the K-pop band BTS.
  • The 28-year-old is known for his introspective lyrics that also made his mixtape D-2 a hit. 
  • Suga loves to cook and often does so for the other BTS members.
  • Weverse is an online platform BTS uses to communicate with its fans. 

1. He can sew

We always knew Suga was good at domestic activities but we didn’t know he could sew also! On 17th February a fan on Weverse posted a picture of him sewing a doll and said that he is the “number 1 husband material”.

J-Hope saw the post and agreed with the fan. A while later Suga also commented on the post admitting that he’s actually good at sewing. Just when we thought we couldn’t fall more in love with Min Yoongi, he gave us another reason to do so! 

2. He can cook

From time to time in RUN BTS (a variety show), Suga has shown off his exceptional cooking skills. Every time BTS has gone on a trip, he is the one who cooks for them! Not just because he’s one of the few members who can cook but because he knows how to make delicious food. 

3. He is organized

This cutie knows how to stay neat and organized as well. Look at Suga folding clothes like the good boy he is! If this isn’t husband goals, then I don’t know what is.

4. He has a caring personality 

Suga hugging BTS member V 

Being good at domestic chores is not the only trait a good husband should have, one should be a nice person too! And that is what Suga is. He is very supportive of the other BTS members and makes sure to always be there for them when they need him! 

5. He is wise

Suga in the Dear Class of 2020 graduation ceremony

Nobody gives advice the way Suga does. The highly emotionally intelligent rapper has a magical way with words. He knows just the right things to say to make you feel better and I myself have often been comforted by his words. These are just a few examples of the times he has moved us with his wiseness! 

Suga in the Esquire Magazine photoshoot

Extra fact: He looks beautiful even without make up:


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