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5 times Jisoo and Jennie proved they are the perfect pair!

Ever since Blackpink has debuted, Jisoo and Jennie have been very vocal about their bond. The pairing is liked so much that the fans have a term for them! The adorable duo is known as 'JenSoo', which is a combination of both their names. Read more below on 5 times they showed just how strong their friendship is! 

  • Jennie was trainee for 6 years and Jisoo was trainee for 5 years under YG Entertainment.
  • Jisoo was born on 3rd January 1995 and Jennie was born 16th January 1996.
  • Both the girls have a net worth of $8 million.
  • They love pets. Jennie has 2 dogs named Kuma and Kai. Jisoo has one white dog called Dalgom. 

1. Couple rings

When the girls are not busy with promoting luxury brands such as Gucci and Cartier, they make use of accessories to express their love. In an episode of the Blackpink House reality show, Jisoo and Jennie made matching rings for each other with 'JJ 4EVA' on it. Jisoo also told fans how Jennie bought couple-rings for her birthday and frequently keeps check if Jisoo is wearing it or not. Aren't they the cutest? 

2. 'Jensoo Nation Scream'

Fans were ecstatic when they found out Jisoo and Jennie acknowledged the name for their pairing. During a video chat with fans, the two laughed over the fans going crazy and cheered them on by saying 'Jensoo Nation scream!!'. On other accounts, they have also used the term to refer to themselves and love it. 

3. They go on dates!


Jisoo and Jennie at Georgia Aquarium

Jisoo and Jennie are most often seen together. Especially, when the group heads over to Japan. From restaurants to stuffed animal stores, aquariums, and pet cafés they have been at it all! At this point, even fans know that when the group has a schedule in Japan, they are going to get fed with 'Jensoo' content soon. 

4. Airplane buddies

Jisoo and Jennie being aeroplane buddies!

For K-pop groups, most of their time is spent in airplanes. Jennie and Jisoo have opened up about how the two feel nervous on flights and seek comfort in sitting next to each other. Nobody can separate them! I dare you to try.

5. They take care of each other

Jisoo wiping Jennie's tears during 'Stay'

During the time that Jisoo and Jennie were trainees, the two went on a holiday with Jisoo's family. In Blackpink's documentary, Light Up The Sky, Jisoo stated that even though she is older, Jennie takes care of her a lot. The two are known to be a source of strength for each other, this is why many fans love them. 

There are many more moments of the soulmates that we love and adore! Personally, I love their chemistry and feel like it's very important to have a mutual bond with someone special in your life. So, have you decided if you're on-board to ship 'Jensoo'? Let us know in the comments! 



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