BTS fans called the ARMY taking pictures at a live event. BTS fans called the ARMY taking pictures at a live event.

5 times BTS fans predicted the future accurately!

BTS, also known as Bangtan Soneyandan, is a world-famous K-pop boy group. The seven members RM, Jin, V, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, and Jimin are adored a lot by their fans, Army. In the same way, BTS loves their Army so dearly. This cute bond between them always keeps Army hooked to BTS. The fun-fact, we discovered that Armys are fortune-tellers too. LOL! Honestly, these future sighted individuals have predicted BTS' future so many times. And they showed it through their edits. Wow, what a perfect match of futuristic thinking and creativity. Want to see how they did it? Then scroll down to find out! 

BTS stands for Beyond the scenes in English.

  • The group has an estimated net worth of $450 million.
  • They are followed by more than 22 million people on Twitter.
  • Band's first English single 'Dynamite' topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for two consecutive weeks.

1. V's blue hair color:

BTS V in clue hair edir

Yes, you read it right! The Army actually predicted Taehyung's flashy blue hair through this edit. And this edit from the DNA era became a reality.

BTS V blue hair

Along with V's breathtaking visuals, the blue hair color suited him so well. We feel so blessed to have it turned out a truth! *Chuckles*

2. Jungkook's abs:

Jungkook flashing his abs

Army, do you remember losing your mind when you saw Jungkook has abs. We definitely do! The 23-year-old idol surprised his fans with his great physique and abs.

Jungkook edit

But listen, it was also predicted way before. Look at this fan edit! Armys, you guys are so freaking creative and futuristic!

3. Kim Namjoon, the president:

Namjoon as President edit

As we all know that RM is a great leader. Through every thick and thin, the K-star has made sure to keep the group spirits high. So, as a result, Armys created a lot of his edits as a President giving a speech.
This fan edit also became a reality in 2017 when the group gathered at the UNICEF office to give a speech about their campaign LOVE MYSELF

BTS delivering speech at UNICEF

As surprised by the other edits, we are equally surprised by this prediction. But more than that we are happy that it became a truth. Thank you Namjoon, for reminding us to love ourselves *cries*

4. V wearing Flower crown:

V flower crown edit

As BTS has redefined masculinity, we have seen them not shying away from styling with women related accessories. And honestly, they look so amazing in them. So there were gazillion flower crown edits made by Army.

BTS V at a fansign

And voilà! It came into reality.
How do you do that Armys? We really want to know LOL

5. Black-haired Bangtan:

Black-haired Bangtan edit

So V was not the only one about whom Army predicted a hair color, they have done it for the whole group as well. Some Armys edited black hair in one of the band's photo.

All-black haired Bangtan

And there you go, we got the all-black haired Bangtan!

Armys, so what is the next prediction? Please let us know in the comments down below. Also, check out this video to see the group's hair color evolution!   

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